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August 4th, 2018 Update: has been loading faster over the past week. See this post for details. I’m closing comments on this post.

July 27th, 2018 Update: I upgraded my web hosting yesterday but is still loading very slowly for me. I will continue troubleshooting and working with my web host’s support team.

July 11th, 2018 Update: continues to load slowly, although load times have improved somewhat in the past week or so. I’m looking into upgrading my web hosting but it may take some time to work out the logistics. Please continue to be patient. Thank you.

Original post:

If you’ve been having trouble accessing over the past four or fives day, or you’ve noticed lengthy delays in the site loading, I apologize. I’m aware of the issue and I am trying to track down the source of the problem and fix it. Unfortunately, despite having spent several hours troubleshooting, I have been unable to determine why is loading slowly or not at all. Please be patient while I continue my efforts to fix the problem.

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  1. Have loading times gotten any better for people? The site is loading much faster for me and has been for several days.

  2. It’s improved, I’ll say that, but it still seems to load unusually slow compared to other sites on the web. But then again, the site’s been like this for me for quite a long time, so I’m almost kind of just used to it.

  3. A bit better here, but still has pockets of pretty long load times, especially as BDOR said, compared to most other sites on the inner nets.

  4. I think I have to upgrade my web hosting to improve load times. There’s not much else I can do. I’m looking into it, but have limited free time. I appreciate your patience while I figure this out.

    1. There was supposed to be. The post was written and scheduled but it didn’t publish. You can find it here.

      Next week, when I have more free time to troubleshoot if necessary, I’ll be upgrading my web hosting. Hopefully the delays and downtime and any other issues with the site will go away.

  5. Hi, I just became a pro member, paying a fee via Pay Pal, and I find the site does not load at all for me. I just get two spinning circles saying ‘loading’. I did send a support ticket message, but it took ages for that page to load too, and when I pressed send, it said the message could not be sent anyway. Having just become a ‘pro member’ I was looking forward to watching the episodes, but as of yet, I have not been able to. Hope this can be sorted out. Thanks

    1. Are you talking about this site? There are no “pro members” or fees or anything like that. The site is free to everyone.

  6. I’m sorry, I may have made a mistake. I was thinking that this website may be connected to another website site (link below) that has been set up by Jay and Amy Hiatt:

    The site claims to allow me to watch all the episodes of MASH, for a small fee ($1.70) per month. That’s what I paid to become a “pro member’ as it says on the website. But as I mentioned, the site is not loading, and when I did a google search to try and find if anyone else had the problem of the site not loading, I somehow came across your site (which also seems to be having loading problems) and I thought that your site was in some way connected to the other site.


    1. Also, here’s a video in you tube of Jay Hiatt promoting his ‘Watch MASH episodes’ website (and himself as an online business Guru)

      He also mentions the “MASH 407 homepage” which I see is similar to site domain name, so this also gave me the impression that your site and his were somehow connected.

      But I’m now beginning to think I have been conned by him. Especially after reading the comments beneath that you tube video.

      1. Correction, in that last message, that should have read:

        He also mentions the “MASH 4007 homepage” which I see is similar to your site domain name . . .

        Anyway, excuse my messages, and well done with your website.

  7. I’ve been tracking load times for the past week and is averaging just over a second, with the occasional spike. It’s a lot better than the 4-5 seconds I was seeing before I upgraded my web hosting. See this post for details.

    I’m closing comments on this post.

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