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Last month, visitors to voted “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” their favorite Charles episode. Following the death of David Ogden Stiers on March 3rd, I threw together a poll that included 12 episodes of M*A*S*H that heavily featured Charles. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about the poll and which episodes to include, so I added an “Other” option in the event a favorite episode wasn’t part of the poll.

“Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” received 62 votes or 22% of the total vote. “Sons and Bowlers” was a distant second with 39 votes (14% of the total vote). In third place was “The Smell of Music” with 33 votes (11% of the total vote). The “Other” option received 17 votes, or 6% of the total vote.

Here are the full results:

What’s Your Favorite Charles Episode?

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen (Season 11) (22%, 62 Votes)
Sons and Bowlers (Season 10) (14%, 39 Votes)
The Smell of Music (Season 6) (11%, 33 Votes)
Death Takes a Holiday (Season 9) (11%, 32 Votes)
Mr. and Mrs. Who? (Season 8) (11%, 31 Votes)
The Life You Save (Season 9) (6%, 18 Votes)
Other (6%, 17 Votes)
Morale Victory (Season 8) (6%, 17 Votes)
Fade Out, Fade In (Season 6) (4%, 12 Votes)
Major Ego (Season 7) (3%, 9 Votes)
The Merchant of Korea (Season 6) (3%, 8 Votes)
Operation Friendship (Season 9) (2%, 7 Votes)
Run for the Money (Season 11) (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Votes: 287

Personally, I voted for “Death Takes a Holiday,” which includes my favorite Charles storyline of the entire series.

Which episode did you vote for and why? For those of you who chose the “Other” option, which episode is your favorite?

5 Replies to “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen Voted Favorite Charles Episode”

  1. Smell of Music for me. Just an all around great and funny episode, semi reminiscent of the early years. This is the kind of episode I’d expect in seasons 1-3 if BJ and Charles were around back then.

    Sons in Bowlers would have been my second choice, even though that’s really more of a Hawkeye episode than Charles, which is part of the reason I didn’t pick it.

    Death Takes a Holiday, Merchant of Korea, & Fade In Fade Out are all great episodes.

    Charles story line in GFA is great of course, probably the best part of the entire thing, but still tough to consider it a “Charles episode”.

  2. My vote was for “Death Takes a Holiday”. I thought Charles was great with his trying to uphold an old family tradition. The scene with Choi was brilliantly acted. And when Klinger subtly told him he knew about Charles’s plan, it was beautiful.

    Of course, the rest of the episode was pretty good with Hawkeye,BJ, and Margaret trying in vain to keep Flanagan alive through Christmas.

  3. Despite his subplot, I don’t really consider GFA a Charles episode so much as it is an everybody episode, because everybody had a storyline and something to do – it was more of an ensemble episode than anything, and for good reason: it would be the last time we’d spend with these people.

    That being said, of the choices we had given, I voted for “Fade Out, Fade In,” because I felt like the way Charles’s introduction – as well as Frank’s departure – was handled very well, and was well-executed, and we established the kind of chararcter Charles would in his debut episode: that he was pompous, snobby, and seemingly had trouble adjusting to meatball surgery, but that he would a worthy adversary to Hawkeye and B.J.

    Otherwise, I would have voted other, because one episode that sticks out in my mind is “An Eye for a Tooth” with his practical joking spree behind Hawkeye, B.J., and Margaret’s backs, and they eventually get even with him – it seems out of character for Charles, but the inspiration for the episode was David Ogden Stiers being such a practical joker behind the scenes, so it’s definitely a true Charles episode through and through.

  4. I voted ‘Other’ with ‘The Winchester Tapes’ being my favorite Charles episode. A great introduction into the way CEW III’s mind worked, and his opinions on his fellow denizens of the 4077th. The prank with his ever-changing clothing sizes has to be one of the top 5 pranks ever pulled.

  5. I believe I voted for “Morale Victory,” but this was kind of tough to answer since he had so many good episodes. I’d actually say that he had the most consistent run of dramatic episodes out of any character on the show, so those tended to stick out when thinking about this question. “The Life You Saved,” “Death Takes a Holiday,” “Sons and Bowlers, and “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” are all excellent examples of this. As for comedy, I’d easily go for “A War for All Seasons.” A wonderful episode as a whole, with Charles’ story being my absolute favorite, thanks in large part to David Ogden Stiers’ performance.

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