MeTV Remembers David Ogden Stiers

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MeTV is honoring the late David Ogden Stiers by airing 10 special episodes of M*A*S*H this week featuring Charles Emerson Winchester III. The series regularly airs every weeknight from 7-8PM ET. The first two episodes, “Fade Out, Fade In” split in two for syndication, aired last night. Here’s a look at all 10 episodes:

Monday, March 5
7:00PM ET – “Fade Out, Fade In” (Part 1)
7:30PM ET – “Fade Out, Fade In” (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 6
7:00PM ET – “The Winchester Tapes”
7:30PM ET – “The Merchant of Korea”

Wednesday, March 7
7:00PM ET – “The Smell of Music”
7:30PM ET – “They Call the Wind Korea”

Thursday, March 8
7:00PM ET – “Major Ego”
7:30PM ET – “Morale Victory”

Friday, March 9
7:00PM ET – “The Life You Save”
7:30PM ET – “Foreign Affairs”

(Thanks to Crabapple Cove.)

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