Monday M*A*S*H Discussions Start November 6


This morning, after nearly five years, I published my final Episode Spotlight review. I began reviewing a random episode of M*A*S*H every week way back in January 2013. The very first episode I reviewed was “Major Ego” from Season 7. The last? “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” from Season 11.

Originally, I planned to immediately begin reviewing AfterMASH once I finished all 251 episodes of M*A*S*H. But as I’ve mentioned a number of times over the past few years, finding the time to write a weekly review has been challenging. I’m not ready to commit to another seven months of weekly reviews.

Instead, for the next eight weeks, I’m going to experiment with an idea I’ve had for quite some time. Every Monday, I’m going to post a discussion topic relating to M*A*S*H along with my opinion. In the comments, I hope readers will add their thoughts and ideas and comments.

I haven’t settled on topics for all eight weeks. A few potential topics include Should M*A*S*H Have Ended Before Season 11?, Could M*A*S*H Survive Without Alan Alda?, and Pick the Better Adversary: Frank or Charles. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

What happens in January? I’m not sure. I may start reviewing AfterMASH if I’m feeling up to it. Or I may begin reposting my Episode Spotlight reviews in original broadcast order, starting with “M*A*S*H–The Pilot.”

8 Replies to “Monday M*A*S*H Discussions Start November 6”

  1. Awesome, love the idea of the random topic discussion, and the three you mentioned above sound perfect. Can’t wait to debate those with some other MASH aficionado’s.

    Some other quick possible topics, although some of these might be better as a poll:

    Which character grew the most throughout the show?
    Which character grew the least?
    Trapper John or BJ?
    Henry Blake or Col Potter?
    Could M*A*S*H ever be successfully remade/revived?
    Favorite recurring nurse?
    Favorite minor character?
    What did each character do after getting home?

    1. “Could M*A*S*H ever be successfully remade/revived?”

      I think I know how that question would go, lol. Though if RJ does decide to make that a discussion, I do have my own two cent about it.

      1. Heh yeah, I’m sure one day we’ll get Hollywood movie remake with a bunch of young hot shot actors in the lead roles.

        And it’ll be terrible and offensive to fans.

      2. A remake? I’d give my 2 dollars worth, not to mention 2 cents! lol! 🙂 No, please do not do that. Never. Ever. Terrible and offensive, for sure. Okay, calming down now. Getting off the soapbox.

  2. I can definitely understand the episode articles being a bit of a chore every week, even for a good show like this. I’ve only recently joined the site, so I wasn’t here for the whole thing, but I’m pretty impressed you kept with it for so long, especially given the quality of the articles I’ve read (and I did go back and read most of them).

    I am glad to hear you’re keeping up the special Monday articles though, to help draw us back at least once a week. And I do like the idea of more general discussions like that. A few possible discussions off the top of my head:

    Between Trapper, Henry, and Frank, which ones do you think would work well in the more drama-heavy later seasons?

    Which two main characters characters that never met do you imagine having the best interactions? It doesn’t necessarily have to be replacement characters. It could be a pairing like Trapper/Charles.

    Apparently Sidney was considered as a full-time cast member as a replacement for Radar, but Allan Arbus turned it down. Do you think he would have made a good major character?

  3. -What would it have been like if Klinger never became a regular cast member?
    -Would McLean Stevens have been a good Hawkeye?
    -Could Hawkeye have traded spots with BJ or Trapper as the “main character?”
    -If you had to recommend one season, and one season alone to someone who has never seen the show before, what would it be?
    -What about a single episode?
    -What is Radar had stayed the entire run of the show? What about Trapper? Henry Blake?
    -Do you like AfterM*A*S*H?
    -At what point do you think M*A*S*H “jumped the shark?” (If you think it ever did).
    -Was GFA a proper ending for the show?
    -Favorite Christmas themed episode?
    -Favorite letter/mail call episode?
    -What do you believe is your most controversial opinion about M*A*S*H?

    I could go on, and on.

  4. I have a suggestion for a topic:
    Would Frank Burns have made a good commanding officer?

    I say no for this reason. He would’ve deferred too often to his henchwoman and mistress, Margaret.
    Can’t wait to see what topics get chosen.

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