M*A*S*H Milestones Week on MeTV


MeTV is offering a special M*A*S*H Milestones week featuring “a collection of ten award-winning, critically acclaimed, fan-favorite episodes” of M*A*S*H. The digital specialty network has aired M*A*S*H since December 2010.

The ten M*A*S*H Milestones episodes will air in the show’s regular 7-8PM ET time slot.

Here’s a breakdown:

Monday, 7/24
7:00PM ET – “Tuttle”
7:30PM ET – “O.R.”

Tuesday, 7/25
7:00PM ET – “The Late Captain Pierce
7:30PM ET – “The Bus”

Wednesday, 7/26
7:00PM ET – “Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler”
7:30PM ET – “Hawkeye”

Thursday, 7/27
7:00PM ET – “The Nurses”
7:30PM ET – “Fallen Idol”

Friday, 7/28
7:00PM ET – “Your Hit Parade”
7:30PM ET – “Life Time”

You can check the official MeTV website to learn if you get the network in your area.

Will you be watching Milestones Week on MeTV? Do you agree that these are “critically acclaimed” and “fan-favorite” episodes? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

2 Replies to “M*A*S*H Milestones Week on MeTV”

  1. I was surprised to see “Hawkeye” as one of their ‘fan favorites’. The recent comments on this site indicate that some diehard fans really dislike that episode. As for me, while I can tolerate “Hawkeye” there are many other ‘Hawkeye-centric’ episode that I dislike much more — especially if it is an episode where I feel Hawkeye’s character is used as a channel for Alan Alda’s personal political views.

    I have never been a fan of ‘Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler’ so that one definitely would not be in my top 10 and is in fact closer to my bottom 10 if I ranked all the episodes.

    For newer fans of the series I am glad that ME TV does this sort of special programming from time to time. They seem to have a good mix in the lineup this week to reflect the many aspects of M*A*S*H.

  2. I’m also surprised to see “Hawkeye” in there. It’s an episode that I actually do like myself, but I know is kind of polarizing at best, and I quite often ranked among the LEAST favorite episodes by many fans from what I’ve seen. And as a fan of the episode, I actually can understand the negativity towards it, because people who don’t care for his character have to suffer through a full episode of what they tend to dislike about him, while people that do like him may feel like it’s too much of a good thing.

    But overall, I think they’ve done a pretty good job with their selection. There’s quite a few really good episodes on there, and as already mentioned, a good mix of episodes to show what MASH has to offer.

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