Kevin Geer (1952-2017)


Actor Kevin Geer, who had a memorable guest role in “The Billfold Syndrome” during Season 7, died last month (January 25th) at the age of 64. Geer played Sgt. Jerry Nielson, a medic who comes down with amnesia. Sidney Freedman is called to help, leading to a climactic hypnosis scene. Geer’s performance is stunning.

Image of actor Kevin Geer as Sgt. Jerry Nielsen from the M*A*S*H episode The Billfold Syndrome.
Kevin Geer as Sgt. Jerry Nielsen in “The Billfold Syndrome” (Season 7).

According to the Internet Movie Database, “The Billfold Syndrome” was Geer’s first credited acting role. Additional TV and film roles followed. During his career, he made guest appearances on TV shows like The Waltons, MacGyver, China Beach, and three different shows in the Law & Order franchise. His most recent acting credit is a 2016 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Geer’s films include The Pelican Brief, The Contender, American Gangster, and The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Geer is perhaps best known for his work on the stage. His Broadway debut came in a 1988 revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. He also appeared in Side Man and Twelve Angry Men. His Off-Broadway credits include Kid Champion, The Foreigner, and em>Medieval Play.

Obituaries can be found at and The New York Times.

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4 Replies to “Kevin Geer (1952-2017)”

  1. His role in the episode of mash was amazing. Especially the hypnosis scene. Sad to hear he passed.

  2. A review on IMDB has scathing things to say regarding Geer’s performance in this episode, claiming to mute every scene he’s in, due to hamminess and overacting.

    Personally, I think that is grossly unfair. Geer’s performance is incredible, and deeply moving. Every time I see this episode, I want to cry for his character. His acting is spot-on; it’s a devastating performance, for all the right reasons, because watching “Jerry” fall apart as he retrieves his memories is so heartbreaking.

  3. 3.30.19
    so sorry to hear he has passed on.
    I thought this was the best acting in Mash….I felt the pain and fright he felt. The actor and director did such an outstanding job.
    RIP and thank you for sharing your art with us.

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