Majority of Fans Would Buy Digital Downloads of M*A*S*H


Last month’s poll topic was “Would You Buy M*A*S*H Episodes as a Digital Download (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)? and the majority of the 142 people who voted indicated they would. There was a sizable minority, almost 30%, who said no, and 10% weren’t sure.

Here are the full results:

Yes (61%, 87 Votes)
No (29%, 41 Votes)
Undecided (10%, 14 Votes)

Total Votes: 142

Personally, I have no interest in owning M*A*S*H in digital form. I’m more than happy with my DVDs. I have on a few occasions purchased and downloaded TV episodes but in every case it was an episode I’d missed and there was no other way to see it.

A quick search of reveals you can purchase individual episodes of sitcoms like Cheers, The Andy Griffith Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Mr. Ed so it’s not out of the question that one day Twentieth Century Fox will start selling M*A*S*H as digital downloads.

What are your thoughts?

22 Replies to “Majority of Fans Would Buy Digital Downloads of M*A*S*H”

  1. Like you, Arj, I too have the DVDs, so why do I need to get the episodes again for my computer? And from I understand, digital versions of episodes are either in poorer quality than on DVD, or possibly even cut for time (like in syndication).

    1. Because in a year or 2 your DVDs are going to be as obsolete as VHS. I would pay 200 bucks to own all the MASH on itunes where I know I will have them for as long as computers exist.

      1. I agree, digital is the way to go. Other than the reasons pointed, I want digital because I don’t have to worry about scratches, I can watch them no matter​ where I am without taking the discs with me, and it is one less possession to worry about.

      2. I also agree because a DVD player isn’t always available and carrying around 33 DVDs is a hard thing to do sometimes, (11 seasons × 3 discs per season = 33 discs).

  2. If I had the digital version it would make it possible to travel with my beloved MASH. No discs that could be scratched, watch on my tablet and don’t have to be concerned with Netflix being able to get the streaming rights again.

    1. I agree. I voted ‘Yes’ for precisely this reason. I, too, own the DVDs, but cannot carry the entire set with me when I travel. A digital version would be easier to download and watch on the go.

  3. I voted undecided. I have all 11 seasons on DVD, but I did enjoy being able to stream them on Netflix (then I could watch them on my phone wherever I go). But it would depend on how much they cost. Sometimes streaming services charge a lot per episode, and in that case I might hold off (or buy specific episodes).

    1. BlueRay is a Joke. and Mash on BluRay ? even more of a joke.
      what would you be improving other than adding extra features maybe.
      no, no , no… DVD and BlueRAy is obsolete. almost.
      its dying like blockbuster did in the 90s.
      has been for some time now.
      what they need to do is catch up with the way the world is turning –
      AND TURN MASH INTO DIGITAL SO I CAN OWN EVERY SEASON FOREVER … or at least until digital becomes obsolete lol

      1. M*A*S*H the tv show was shot on 35mm film (not videotaped). The source is very high quality so Blu Ray would be a huge improvement over DVD.

  4. I have all 11 seasons on DVD and am perfectly happy with them. If I was looking at purchasing the series, then I might consider digital copies, but I personally like having physical copies and I don’t see DVDs going anywhere soon.

  5. Just throwing this out there, but with some work you CAN have MASH digital. Get a nice DVD ripping software and rip the DVD’s to file. It takes awhile of course, but well worth it.

    It comes out to almost 60 GB’s though for all 11 seasons, the reunion shows/specials, and the original movie when ripping to the best quality, at least for me it did. I went out and bought a 64GB flash drive (found an olive drab one too!) and just made it the MASH Drive.

    Very convenient for when on an airplane or on travel, and with a Smart TV I can actually just plug it into the back of the TV and have all things MASH available commercial free!

    Thanks to the DVD options, I have it all laugh track free too, which makes the show MUCH better IMO.

  6. With all the continued unrest in our country. My family and I had enough. So we turned to M*A*S*H the TV series and watch it anytime it’s on. Our 15 year old son is a fan and we watch it as a family. Please release the timeless series on iTunes to buy
    Please please please ????

  7. I to have them on DVD but would also purchase them from a streaming service like VUDU or Amazon. I could watch it anywhere that way. And like other people have said DVD’s scratch.

  8. I’m hoping for a Blu ray release, but ONLY if they re-scan the original film negatives and clean them up. As MASH was shot on film, and if the masters still exist in good condition, could look really nice.
    I recently got Magnum PI on Blu Ray, and it looks amazing.

  9. I am from Trinidad West Indies. I watched MASH while in my youth, and now in my retirement season , I am very much interested in having the full MASH series in an electronic form, It is one of the only clean series that I can watch over and over. Thanks for any help if you can supply.

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