Happy Thanksgiving from the 4077th


Is it really Thanksgiving again? Yes, yes it is–at least in the United States. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday enjoying turkey and football.

There were no M*A*S*H episodes in which the 4077th actually celebrated Thanksgiving. One episode was set the day after Thanksgiving, however, and a few others mentioned the holiday. An episode during the first season of AfterMASH did take place on Turkey Day. Thanks to everyone who left comments on my Thanksgiving post back in 2013 for letting me know about various references I’d left out.

“Hot Lips and Empty Arms” (Season 2; December 15th, 1973)
Hot Lips mentions Hawkeye and Trapper’s Thanksgiving “Come as Your Favorite Nude Pilgrim” party.

“In Love and War” (Season 6; November 1st, 1977)
Hawkeye tries to explain what his name means to Kyung Soon and winds up telling her about turkeys being eaten on Thanksgiving. She tells him about the Korean version of Thanksgiving, the autumn festival of Chuseok.

“The Yalu Brick Road” (Season 8; November 19th, 1979)
The episode took place the day after Thanksgiving while most of the 4077th was recovering from salmonella poisoning caused by Klinger’s questionable turkey. My review of this episode can be found here.

A sick Klinger on the phone
Klinger tells Sergeant Thomopoulous to “Stuff it!”
“The Yalu Brick Road” (Season 8; November 19th, 1979)

“Trick or Treatment” (Season 11; November 1st, 1982)
Hawkeye tries to help a wounded soldier who refuses to eat. His CO put together an early Thanksgiving meal and while he was getting seconds his buddies were killed when their foxhole was hit by artillery.

AfterMASH – “Thanksgiving of ’53” (Season 1; November 21st, 1983)
Sherman Potter and his wife hosting their first family Thanksgiving dinner in many years, with Father Mulcahy, Klinger, Soon-Lee and others invited to join.

The cast of AfterMASH celebrates Thanksgiving.
A Very AfterMASH Thanksgiving
“Thanksgiving of ’53” (Season 1; November 21st, 1983)

Who plans to spend part of Thanksgiving watching M*A*S*H?

3 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving from the 4077th”

  1. If I am given any viewing choices today, I will probably play a M*A*S*H episode or two (or at least watch whatever eps ME TV is playing today). However I leave the TV options to my wife and daughter on Thanksgiving (so we are watching parades and the dog show). I used to watch the NFL games on this day, but I hardly ever watch pro football anymore (baseball is my game).

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at this terrific site. I learn so much by coming here and I really enjoy reading everyone’s contributions.

  2. As I post every year, since M*A*S*H never did a proper Thanksgiving episode, I took it upon myself to wrote one in the form of a fanfic, so as many years old as it is now, please enjoy my M*A*S*H Thanksgiving fanfic, “Thanks for Nothing.” Takes place early-to-mid Season 6.

  3. Happy thanksgiving to all of you! 🙂 I love talking with all of you…it’s great that there are other people who love this show as much as I do. I haven’t had much time to watch M*A*S*H today, but I did watch a lot yesterday. I got my friend hooked on the show about six months ago, and yesterday she watched “As Time Goes By” and “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” for the first time. So many tears…

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