Few M*A*S*H Fans Have Written Fan Fiction


Last month’s poll was a follow-up to May’s poll and asked “Have you ever written M*A*S*H fan fiction?” Only 69 votes were cast, down from 93 in May. Just 13 people said they have written fan fiction based on M*A*S*H. Considering how few people said they read fan fiction, it’s not surprising that an even smaller number write fan fiction.

Here are the full results:

No (81%, 56 Votes)
Yes (19%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 69

Believe it or not, I’m actually one of the 13 people who admitted to writing M*A*S*H fan fiction. It was a long time ago–we’re talking 2000–and I have no intention of sharing any details. I can’t even reveal the title because, to my horror, I just discovered it online at another website. Yikes.

If you’ve ever written any fan fiction about M*A*S*H, hit the comments with your thoughts.

3 Replies to “Few M*A*S*H Fans Have Written Fan Fiction”

  1. I started writing M*A*S*H fan fiction last year, and I really enjoy it! I think it is a great way to explore the characters and connect with other M*A*S*H fans. Plus, writing is very enjoyable for me, so I using my time writing M*A*S*H stories as a break from school. I post my writing on fanfiction.net, so if you are ever looking for stories to read, you can look mine up if you are interested (my username on the site is LeahASAP). 🙂

  2. I read a story of a cross over between quantum leap and mash where Sam Beckett leaped into radar. It was weird.

  3. I’ve written very few M*A*S*H fanfics, because I found it to be a hard show to write a fanfic for: normally when I write fanfics, I like to try to take the characters into new directions they didn’t necessarily experience from their respective series in order to explore further character growth and development, as futurenurse said . . . but M*A*S*H pretty much already did that in eleven season, it went in both comedic and dramatic directions, and there were so many stories for the characters to experience and grow from that it’s hard to think of any others for them.

    With that being said, here’s two M*A*S*H fanfics I wrote that I feel are worth sharing:

    This first one took something that become something of a running gag, and put it into a new perspective; so here’s Radar, and his quest for a good-night’s sleep in. . . .

    This next one is a “Thanksgiving episode” I wrote because it’s one of the few holidays we didn’t see celebrated at the 4077th, and I always thought it would be interesting to see how they’d celebrate Thanksgiving – I think it turned out really well, so here’s. . . .

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