A War for All Seasons Promo (Syndication)

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Here’s a 30-second promotional spot for “A War for All Seasons” in syndication. Specifically, this spot aired on WTXX-TV (Channel 20) in Connecticut during May 1986.

“A War for All Seasons” is a tough episode to summarize quickly, which explains why the spot makes it seem like the episode is only about Klinger and Charles betting on baseball games.

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TV stations across the country that purchased M*A*S*H in syndication were sent promos like this one for every episode by 20th Century Fox. They then added their own “tag” at the end with local graphics and voice over informing viewers when to watch.

I originally included this spot in my M*A*S*H In Syndication article but nobody was seeing it there so I decided to move it to the blog.

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  1. Very neat! This is a difficult episode to summarize, but I’m still kind of surprised they focused on the baseball part as opposed to going for a year-long overview like the episode does. It looks like it could be a completely different episode with these clips. Did they do promotional spots like this when the episodes were airing for the first time, or was it only once the show was in syndication?

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