M*A*S*H Leaving Netflix on April 1st? [Updated]

Attention! Attention! If you’re upset about M*A*S*H being removed from Netflix’s streaming service, please contact Netflix directly. See this post.

April 1st, 2016 Update:

It’s confirmed. M*A*S*H has been removed from Netflix’s streaming service in the United States and potentially other countries as well.

March 21st, 2016 Update:

I chatted again with Netflix customer support this afternoon and asked if there was any update on the M*A*S*H situation. Here’s what I was told:

I don’t see anything official on extending that license, but I went ahead and put in a request to do so on your behalf. I know it’s a huge fan favorite, and there are a lot of folks who’d like to keep watching it 🙂

Unless something changes in the next 10 days, it looks like M*A*S*H will be leaving Netflix streaming as of April 1st.

Original Post:

I’ve received a few e-mails from M*A*S*H fans concerned because they’ve read the series is leaving Netflix. Recall that the first five seasons were added to Netflix’s streaming service on February 1st, 2015 while seasons 6-11 were added on April 1st. “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” wasn’t made available until July 1st.

Anyway, as of yesterday Netflix users started seeing a notice pop up informing them that M*A*S*H won’t be available after April 1st. I saw the notice myself a few minutes ago when I started watching an episode through my TV. I haven’t seen it while watching on my computer. It only appeared once and I don’t remember exactly how it was worded. I do not know whether this impacts Netflix users outside the United States.

A quick search of Twitter reveals a few dozen tweets about M*A*S*H leaving Netflix dating, the earliest coming yesterday morning. There are also one or two comments at the Netflix Facebook page. There has been no response from Netflix as far as I can tell but that’s probably normal. I doubt Netflix has the time to respond to every complaint about a TV show or movie being removed from its streaming service.

I just finished chatting with a friendly Netflix customer support representative named Madison. I asked whether or not M*A*S*H was leaving. Here’s what Madison told me:

Okay I have good and bad news for you my friend. It looks like it is scheduled to be removed on 4/01/2016 the reason for this is because our legal contracts will expire on that date and as of right now we haven’t been able to renew them.

The good news is that we are still working to get new permissions for it so I am going to reach out to the content team and let them know we really don’t want to see it go. There is a possibility we will be able to renew and leave it on Netflix for everyone to enjoy.

Madison also let me know that Netflix owns the rights to M*A*S*H on DVD in perpetuity, so anyone who still has a Netflix DVD account doesn’t have to worry about losing access to the series on DVD. Before the request was sent to the content team, I was asked if there were any other titles I’d like to see added to Netflix. I suggested AfterMASH.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we as fans can do to influence the contract negotiations between Netflix and 20th Century Fox. If you’re a Netflix user and you want to support M*A*S*H, I would suggest contacting Netflix via Twitter, Facebook, or its website to let the company know you want M*A*S*H to remain available for streaming. The more demand for the series, the more effort (and money) Netflix may be willing to put into extending the contract with 20th Century Fox.

Remember to be polite because Netflix isn’t to blame here. Hopefully, 20th Century Fox and Netflix will come to an agreement before April 1st and M*A*S*H won’t go anywhere. It’s happened before with other TV shows.


  • Holly says:

    I would like to see this come back. Was watching it daily and no notice that it was going away. Couldn’t figure out why next episode didn’t load. I was actually watching when they killed it.

  • Rick sparrow says:

    I need my mash back even thought I 22 I love older tv shows like hogans Heros mash and Andy Griffith are my favorite shows I hope it comes back on

  • Lynne Rhinehart says:

    Bring MASH back please!!
    My mother is 94 and its the only show she watches.its like her extended family. Her company when we are away. Please see what u can do
    Napier families in Georgia
    Thank you!!

  • D.G. Riggan says:

    My wife and I have been watching M*A*S*H for several months. We were in Season 7. We are disappointed that we will no longer get to watch the show. Hopefully the show will be back soon. In the meantime, I guess we’ll be watching NYPD Blue on Amazon Instant Video.

  • AMCAL says:

    If you have a minute, you might want to go over to Netflix and do a review for Mash. I noticed there was a lot of people asking Netflix to bring it back. It might help.

  • Vick says:

    I was very disappointed to discover MASH had been dropped. PLEASE BRING MASH BACK!

  • Anna says:

    We watch an episode every night and are currently in season 6. Can not believe it is just gone. No notice, not that that would have helped. These episodes are the perfect antidote to the rest of the stuff out there. Really, everyone needs a real laugh and the end of the day.

  • DOTTIE GLAZE says:


  • Dixie Collins says:

    Please bring MASH back!!! My Husband and I are so disappointed! It is our favorite show.

    • Charlie says:

      We were very disappointed to hear mash was not going to be on Netflix we would watch it every night will having dinner. Please bring it back!!!

  • Debbie says:

    When is MASH coming back on Netflix….miss it alot

  • Lisa Socha says:

    Not happy they can’t continue to run MASH. I was watching series from the beginning and was to the middle of season 7 🙁

  • Tom says:

    It would be a terrible loss to the Netflix customer base particular to the ones who grew up watching it in the 70s on TV. Please make every possible effort to keep it available on Netflix.

  • Robin Brewster says:

    Please bring MASH back very big fan!! Its my
    Favorite tv series!! I miss my mash!!

  • Dave says:

    My CHAT with Netflix

    Just want Netflix to know that I’m disappointed to find M*A*S*H has been removed. Please see what can be done to bring it back.

    Netflix Mo
    Oh absolutely, and I know that we are for sure! Since you chatted in, I can let my team know that you, like so many others, would like to see that back as soon as possible and I know my team is already working on that as well

  • Dee says:

    I JUST started a Netflix account specifically to watch MASH. I’m cancelling my cable service and knew I would miss the two shows on MeTV between 7 and 8:00PM every weeknight. I can’t believe this. Literally started the Netflix account less than a week ago.

  • Ronald E Hill says:

    Bring it back

  • MashFan says:

    I was watching this everyday and now I come back from my vacation and see that it’s gone. No warning at all. I’m really disappointed and guess I’ll have to go to another site to finish watching it. So disappointing as this was the only show I was watching on Netflix.

  • Hawkeye says:


  • Jane McComas says:

    I am soo dissapointed that Mash has been removed, Please let us Know what we netflix customers can do to help bring back Mash. I feel like I am suffering a great loss without my Mash Family in the evening.

  • Bill says:

    Un-frigging real. I’ll leave Nexflix over the removal of MASH. Maybe HULU has it.

  • Edd Malone says:

    If you think they are going to immediately bring MASH back then you’re crazy. Netflix knew this was gonna happen when they took it off. Why? because of the outcry for them to finally add it to the library. MASH had to be one of the most demanded series over the years. Don’t call them just hit the CANCEL MEMBERSHIP BUTTON immediately. When enough of you do that they will try to contact you. We wont get it back if we are doing the begging.

  • Melissa says:

    I refuse to beg for an outstanding show such as MASH, only to sit back and wait. I logged on to Amazon and bought each individual season’s DVD (which allows me to turn the laugh track off). Now I own every episode forever, plus additional footage and bonus material. Average cost was $10 per season. Money well spent. I’ll keep watching while contract negotiations continue with Netflix. So there.

  • Frank Ruby says:

    .please bring MASH back! I am hooked without a fix . Wha Wha Wha!

    I thought I was losing my skills and couldn’t find it. We need it back please

  • K says:

    So disappointed MASH is no longer available on Netflix!
    Really can’t imagine why Netflix would let that contract expire.
    You need to get it back!

  • Susan says:

    I miss my mash 4077 on Netflix and I am thinking of leaving Netflix because of them lossing mash 4077 I watch Netflix for them and there not able to watch no need in Netflix there removed all the good old shows

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