M*A*S*H Leaving Netflix on April 1st? [Updated]


Attention! Attention! If you’re upset about M*A*S*H being removed from Netflix’s streaming service, please contact Netflix directly. See this post.

April 1st, 2016 Update:

It’s confirmed. M*A*S*H has been removed from Netflix’s streaming service in the United States and potentially other countries as well.

March 21st, 2016 Update:

I chatted again with Netflix customer support this afternoon and asked if there was any update on the M*A*S*H situation. Here’s what I was told:

I don’t see anything official on extending that license, but I went ahead and put in a request to do so on your behalf. I know it’s a huge fan favorite, and there are a lot of folks who’d like to keep watching it 🙂

Unless something changes in the next 10 days, it looks like M*A*S*H will be leaving Netflix streaming as of April 1st.

Original Post:

I’ve received a few e-mails from M*A*S*H fans concerned because they’ve read the series is leaving Netflix. Recall that the first five seasons were added to Netflix’s streaming service on February 1st, 2015 while seasons 6-11 were added on April 1st. “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” wasn’t made available until July 1st.

Anyway, as of yesterday Netflix users started seeing a notice pop up informing them that M*A*S*H won’t be available after April 1st. I saw the notice myself a few minutes ago when I started watching an episode through my TV. I haven’t seen it while watching on my computer. It only appeared once and I don’t remember exactly how it was worded. I do not know whether this impacts Netflix users outside the United States.

A quick search of Twitter reveals a few dozen tweets about M*A*S*H leaving Netflix dating, the earliest coming yesterday morning. There are also one or two comments at the Netflix Facebook page. There has been no response from Netflix as far as I can tell but that’s probably normal. I doubt Netflix has the time to respond to every complaint about a TV show or movie being removed from its streaming service.

I just finished chatting with a friendly Netflix customer support representative named Madison. I asked whether or not M*A*S*H was leaving. Here’s what Madison told me:

Okay I have good and bad news for you my friend. It looks like it is scheduled to be removed on 4/01/2016 the reason for this is because our legal contracts will expire on that date and as of right now we haven’t been able to renew them.

The good news is that we are still working to get new permissions for it so I am going to reach out to the content team and let them know we really don’t want to see it go. There is a possibility we will be able to renew and leave it on Netflix for everyone to enjoy.

Madison also let me know that Netflix owns the rights to M*A*S*H on DVD in perpetuity, so anyone who still has a Netflix DVD account doesn’t have to worry about losing access to the series on DVD. Before the request was sent to the content team, I was asked if there were any other titles I’d like to see added to Netflix. I suggested AfterMASH.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we as fans can do to influence the contract negotiations between Netflix and 20th Century Fox. If you’re a Netflix user and you want to support M*A*S*H, I would suggest contacting Netflix via Twitter, Facebook, or its website to let the company know you want M*A*S*H to remain available for streaming. The more demand for the series, the more effort (and money) Netflix may be willing to put into extending the contract with 20th Century Fox.

Remember to be polite because Netflix isn’t to blame here. Hopefully, 20th Century Fox and Netflix will come to an agreement before April 1st and M*A*S*H won’t go anywhere. It’s happened before with other TV shows.

107 Replies to “M*A*S*H Leaving Netflix on April 1st? [Updated]”

  1. If you visit [LINK REMOVED] all seasons and episodes are available for streaming there.

    If you don’t mind watching episodes on a laptop or are able to hook your laptop/computer up to your TV then this is a very good alternative for the time being. I’ve been using this particular site to stream MASH for the last week or so and haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

      1. Umm no
        not a scam

        Number 1: you didn’t even try it…so how can you judge something before even doing so?

        Number 2: I’m simply trying to help others because I was upset when I realized MASH was no longer on Netflix….so before you go calling me a jerk….you jerk…. get your facts straight….But, it’t cool. Keep waiting around for Netflix to get MASH back because it most likely isn’t happening anytime soon….so I’ll keep watching the episodes on the site I found and you’ll be sitting around like a…umm…jerk…yea. idiot

      2. In the end, this isn’t a scam or a virus or whatever. Anyone can do what they want. They can choose to wait it out for Netlflix to get MASH back, get the DVDs, whatever. When I signed onto Netflix on April 1 and realized MASH was gone, I was confused, so I Googled Netflix MASH and came across this site. Once I read posts and saw that Netflix had removed MASH from streaming, I went out to find a streaming site that was legitimate that streamed MASH. This website is solely dedicated to MASH and nothing else. It is legitimate and isn’t a scam. Again, if you want to believe me and watch MASH episodes without having to wait, then great. If not, then it’s your choice and enjoy sitting around. I can’t force anyone to believe me, but again, I was just trying to help. Thanks, buddy for acting on impulse and thinking something is fake. That’s all you right there.

      3. You’re right! It is a scam! No telling what all it just put on my computer! I hate people like this! Mashfan “YOU ARE” a JERK! Shame on you!

      4. I tried it. I have a Mac … so why not … won’t hurt my computer. The moment I saw I needed to download a Windows Player (not needed on a Mac) I knew.

        Then, I hit the play button and had to relaunch my Chrome. Found some .exe which can’t load on a Mac. They downloaded them on my desktop. I just tossed ’em in the trash can.

        So YEP … it’s a SCAM!

  2. So far MASH isn’t back yet. I feel bad for Netflix because I’m sure they don’t want this, but CBS is the rights holder, and I’m sure they’re pushing it over to CBS All Access because that’s their on-demand service that is now in competition with companies like Netflix and Hulu. That’s also where the new Star Trek series will be shown, so I get the feeling they’re going to start pulling in all of their properties in order to showcase them there on their on-demand service.

    If so, we may see even more CBS shows start disappearing from Netflix, and there’s nothing Netflix can do about it once their contracts are up. I’m a little concerned.

    1. I just contacted Netflix for an update and the agent told me they were indeed still working on renewing the agreement to get MASH back on their service.

  3. There is nothing on TV except Wednesday, Thursday and a little on Friday. Days before I found M*A*S*H on your site. I was elated since I have been a customer for a long time. I was thinking about stopping services. Then I found M*A*S*H on Netflix. I was so happy and told all my friends. They all signed up for Netflix. Now M*A*S*H has been removed. I go to Netflix now and nothing interesting crosses my mind. I will contact CBS and ask them to allow it on Netflix. I enjoy M*A*S*H so I will do as much as I can. HELP

  4. I just contacted Netflix for an update and the agent told me they were indeed still working on renewing the agreement to get MASH back on their service.

    1. Thanks for the effort! I missed the notice about it being cancelled. I decided to grind it out and watch the ENTIRE series. 1 episode left in Season 10 … I could smell the finish line. Then, April 1st hit. Oh, well. Sour grapes.

      I actually know Gary Burghoff but haven’t watched a show since we became friends. He did an OUTSTANDING job. If I didn’t know him, I would just assume that’s just who he is, he’s just that natural in that role.

  5. I just took my 77 year old mom into the Santa Monica mountains today to get as near to the MASH set as possible. She had a stroke last year which impacted her mobility and we couldn’t make it the last mile to the actual MASH set, which has a few of the vehicles from the show that were left after a set fire. We felt the ambiance of the show from the proximity of the setting. We were even imagining that the dirt road we were walking was from the episode where Hawkeye was trying to catch up to Trapper John leaving. She was a huge fan (MASH Trivial Pursuit owner and constant winner). We came home tonight and I was going to put MASH on with Netflix because I knew it was available. Wrong. Currently downloading a torrent of the entire series. I hate doing it because it is not legal, but I feel just this once it’s ok because of my mom. We don’t have cable. Anyone who really wants to watch the show should torrent it, but delete the files when it becomes available on netflix again. I use a mac so my exposure to viruses is a little more minimized, but I know torrents work on pcs too. It’s a thought for anyone who really wants to watch the show before it shows up on a streaming service again.

  6. SCAM…now whoever this is has my credit card and I can watch MASH!

    I will be watching my credit card statement like a hawk to check for fraudulent charges of any kind.


    I should have figured it would too good to be true.

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