M*A*S*H on Me-TV Update

Me-TV, the digital specialty network that is currently the only place to see M*A*S*H on television (with the possible exception of any local stations still airing the series) has announced its Fall 2014 schedule. The good news is that M*A*S*H will still be airing Monday through Friday from 7-8PM ET. Starting September 1st, however, the series will no longer be shown from 7:30-8PM on Sundays. M*A*S*H has been airing on Me-TV since December 2010 when the network debuted nationally.

How many people watch M*A*S*H on Me-TV? And is it actually airing on any local stations? I haven’t heard of it airing locally anywhere since 2009.


  • DaPriz says:

    I watch MASH on MeTV Monday-Friday. I didn’t know it was airing on Sundays.

    • RJ says:

      Depending on whether your Me-TV affiliate airs the entire national Me-TV schedule or not, M*A*S*H may not actually be seen on Sundays in your market. Regardless, starting next month no one will be seeing the series on Sundays, just Monday through Friday.

    • I had no idea how to approach this before-now I’m locked and loaded.

  • Benjamin says:

    I don’t have all the time in the world but when I do have time to watch some TV I usually hook up the antenna and watch MASH on MeTv. Unfortunately where I live I can only watch one episode of it because our local news trumps the first MASH. As for whether MASH is still aired on local stations it doesn’t on any of the stations in South Dakota except for some specials during special times of the year.

  • hsl says:

    In my area, M*A*S*H airs Saturday and Sunday eveninngs on WISC, Ch. 3, the CBS affiliate in Madison. It airs Saturdays at 11:05 p.m., and Sundays at 10:35 p.m. Episodes from the third season are currently airing.

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