M*A*S*H and Halloween

I tried to come up with a Monster Mash reference for the title of this post but just couldn’t get it to work. M*A*S*H had just one episode focusing on Halloween. It was Season 11’s “Trick or Treatment” (originally broadcast November 1st, 1982) in which a dead soldier comes back to life, the doctors share ghost stories, and Charles deals with a Marine who has a pool ball stuck in his mouth. Hawkeye, B.J., Colonel Potter, Margaret and Klinger are all seen wearing Halloween costumes. Here’s a good shot of most of them:

Trick or Treatment
Trick or Treatment

Notice the characters in the background are also dressed up. A ghost can clearly be seen. The best part of this episode was Charles pretending not to notice that the poor Marine (played by George Wendt) had a pool ball in his mouth. The worst part? B.J.’s clown horn.


  • Chuck says:

    I never noticed BJ’s clown feet were a pair of rubber water bottles.

  • Pinkpagoda says:

    ha ha ha, neither did I, but I was just going to mention that you can see that most of the outfits are made with things from around the camp. The only mystery is really Hawkeye’s Superman shirt. Did they have those back then?

  • TWoods says:

    Good observations all around! I never paid too much attention to their costumes….until now. Thanks RJ for the post!

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