M*A*S*H on TV Land Update

TV Land has made some changes to its schedule and is now airing M*A*S*H at the following times:

Monday-Friday from 5-7PM
Saturday from 2-4PM
Sunday from 2-4PM and 8-10PM

Based on Zap2it’s television listings, TV Land is more or less airing the series in order and at the moment is nearing the end of Season One. Note that episodes may not always start on the hour or half-hour. For example, this coming Saturday has episodes airing from 2-2:35PM, 2:35-3:09PM and 3:09-3:44PM (followed by an episode of The Andy Griffith Show). Thus, the two-hour block from 2-4PM is not entirely filled with M*A*S*H.

Whether these longer running times mean certain episodes are aired uncut or just with more commercials is something I cannot answer, because I do not get TV Land. Does anyone know?


  • No, the episodes aren’t uncut, they’re just as butchered as they have been, the uneven timeslots are actually meant to make room for even MORE commercials!

    And RJ, consider yourself lucky, TV Land is NOT worth it anymore, since 2008 or so, they’ve only added ONE classic back to their lineup (Dick Van Dyke), BUT, they’re not getting ready to premiere like their fifth or sixth original sitcom starring has-been actors because apparently these sitcoms are cashcows for them.

  • TWoods says:

    I just saw that MeTV (I think it used to be called RetroTV…?) is airing an episode or two around the 7:00pm hour on most days…as well as a ton of other old shows….Good stuff.

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