35th Anniversary of The Interview

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While I was on hiatus, the 35th anniversary of “The Interview” came and went in February. The landmark episode was originally broadcast on February 24th, 1976 — the final episode of the fourth season and the 97th episode overall. It was also Larry Gelbart’s swan song. The celebrate the anniversary, the Archive of American Television and manager Gary Rutkowski put together a collection of interview segments from six people connected to M*A*S*H — Alan Alda, Larry Gelbart, Harry Morgan, Burt Metcalfe, Gene Reynolds, Stanford Tischler — as well as Mili Lerner Bonsignori, who worked as news editor for CBS and talked about Edward R. Murrow’s trip to Korea in December 1952 for See It Now, which served as inspiration “The Interview.”

Here’s Alan Alda’s segment (starting at the 2:38 mark):

And here’s Mili Lerner Bonsignori discussing See It Now‘s “Christmas in Korea” (starting at the 9:42 mark):

See the other interview segments here.

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