M*A*S*H on ION Life


Broadcast network ION Television, which began airing M*A*S*H in September of 2008, no longer airs the series on a regular basis, using it instead as weekend filler. One episode aired this afternoon from 1-1:30PM and, according to TV Guide listings, it will air again later month on Saturday, June 18th and Saturday, June 25th at 2:30AM.

However, ION Life — a specialty digital network “dedicated to promoting active lifestyles and wellness” available on ION Television affiliates as a digital subchannel — does appear to be regularly airing the series, at least this month. Again, based on TV Guide listings, it appears the series is being shown in blocks from 6-11PM on Saturdays and Sundays (although on Sunday, June 19th it only airs from 6-8:30PM).

ION Life can also be found on certain cable systems. Check your local listings to see if you receive ION Life. I know I don’t. Why exactly M*A*S*H is being shown on a network focused on health and wellness is a good question.

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  1. It’s reaaly pretty sad to see M*A*S*H used like this. With all the trash on TV now especially the reality TV garbage like those Bachelor seriesand such …I would much rather see M*A*S*H than that other junk. I bet a whole new generation would grow up and appreciate a fine show like M*A*S*H if it were shown on primetime like it used to be….

  2. I agree chuckles…..In fact, if it wasn’t for my wife and kids, the TV would hardly ever be on. Except maybe for when all of the Star Trek episodes are added to the Netflix lineup in July! 🙂 And at least I have all of my MASH DVDs…

  3. I get ION Life over the air as a digital sub-channel to ION. I didn’t know that they were delving into comedy encores. It must be due to all the competition from the other retro digital channels RTV, ME-tv and Antenna.

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