Name That Episode 171


The Name That Episode game is played Tuesdays and Thursdays. Players can participate as often as they like. An archive of past rounds can be found here. Today’s image can be found below. Can you name the episode it’s from? Feel free to post guesses in the comments section. As always, the winner gets bragging rights.

And the Winner Is: Mellie, who correctly identified “Edwina.”

Name That Episode

Name That Episode

23 Replies to “Name That Episode 171”

  1. That its in season 1 – 5 is the only thing I know for sure!….lol…this one is really hard….I hate the close up ones like this!

    1. This one has been done. I hope RJ lets us know if he starts over, and we can expect repeats. (pretty please?)

  2. This has to be the hardest…my hats off to you RJ…..I’ll guess one more time and say “To Market, To Market.”

    1. I wonder if it is ‘To Market, To Market’……Frank had wavy hair all through the first few episodes. You could well be right

  3. I sure hope you keep going when you get through all the episodes RJ. I live for these during the week!!
    Wouldn’t it be cool if all of us actually got together like BJ talked about in that 1 episode of the reunion??!!

  4. Thanks. I totally lucked out with this one.
    And I agree…this should keep going *in Hawkeye’s mocking tone* “around and around.”

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