M*A*S*H Among 80 Greatest Moments in TV History


The Hollywood Reporter has published a list of “The 80 Greatest Moments in TV History” that includes two moments from M*A*S*H. There are a number of caveats about the list to keep in mind: it is not definitive, nor is it chronological, and it is “numbered for efficiency but not ranked in order.” Here are the two M*A*S*H moments:

23. M*A*S*H finale If 106 million people watch you say goodbye, a record not topped until the 2010 Super Bowl, then they really loved you.

65. The death of Col. Henry Blake on M*A*S*H Now that was completely unexpected. And ditto on keeping the story real.

Remember, though, that the moments are not ranked. And many of the other moments aren’t moments at all. The Muppets made the list — all of them — as did every Monty Python skit, all the Teletubbies, the series Twin Peaks and the whole first season of Survivor.

3 Replies to “M*A*S*H Among 80 Greatest Moments in TV History”

  1. “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” (11×16) and “Abyssinia, Henry” (3×24) ALWAYS makes these lists, so it’s really no surprise, lol.

    But as a puppeteer myself, whose biggest influence was Jim Henson, I’m glad the Muppets made the list. 😀

  2. I read the list, and like so many lists, it appears to be one man’s opinion (not the obvious ones of course, but some of the choices are purely subjective)

    My own “greatest moment on television” – other than MASH, I might say the first time I saw the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Coca Cola Commercial or the first “Jerry Lewis Telethon”, or Secretariat winning the triple crown. It is very much an opinion thing in some instances. I personally think Family Guy and The Simpsons are ridiculous.

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