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Last month I wrote about promotional and behind-the-scenes images from M*A*S*H at the Motion Picture and Television Archive. Big Daddy O’Reilly then took the initiative and checked to see if Getty Images had any M*A*S*H images. A search for “alan alda” returns over 1,000 results, although the bulk are from the past decade or so. Getty Images appears to have purchased the rights to a variety of photographic collections; the bulk of the following images are from the CBS Photo Archive but a few are from WireImage, Time Life Photographs and Getty Images itself.

Perhaps the most interesting image Big Daddy O’Reilly found was this one of Harry Morgan, in costume as Colonel Potter, standing in what appears to be a stable. The caption reads as follows:

American actor Harry Morgan as Colonel Sherman Potter on the television show ‘MASH’ as he appears on a cast reunion show, 1991

I don’t recall seeing Harry Morgan in costume during “Memories of M*A*S*H,” the 20th anniversary reunion special broadcast in 1991. Perhaps members of the cast appeared in promotional spots for the special wearing their old uniforms?

Here are the rest of the images Big Daddy O’Reilly found; I’ve broken them into categories as best I could:

30th Anniversary Reunion Special


Behind the scenes


During filming


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  1. The photo of Mike Farrell before he joined the series reminds me of the “Last Laugh” episode — “This is NOT my hat,I have never seen this hat as long as my head has lived.”

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