The New Finest Kind Website Launches

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Welcome to the brand new M*A*S*H, Finest Kind website!

Way back in 1999 when I started my very first M*A*S*H site, it was little more than a regurgitation of information readily available on the Internet (see the About page). There was an episode guide, a list of characters, Klinger’s stunts, Radar’s pets and all the common features of a M*A*S*H fan site. Over the years, I slowly shifted the focus from the common to the uncommon; I became interested in the unexplored aspects of M*A*S*H.

There are still several excellent general fan sites dedicated to M*A*S*H (see the M*A*S*H Links page). But what you will find here at M*A*S*H, Finest Kind is different and unique. Hopefully it will be as interesting to others as it is to me. I have plenty of ideas for new additions and update — but if I waited to launch this new site until I everything I was considering was added, it would never be finished! So, be sure to check back every now and again for new content.

Some highlights I am particularly fond of:

And much, much more.

I have yet to decide the best way to archive the seven years of news stories about M*A*S*H — I may not even put them up. According to my site statistics, nobody reads them.

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