FX Marathon Schedule Available

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The marathon FX will be airing on Saturday, September 21st will be for 16 hours with 28 episodes total. Just saw a commercial for it on FX. The marathon will start with the first episode and end with the last. Here is the entire schedule:

8:00am “M*A*S*H — The Pilot”
8:30am “Springtime”
9:00am “Adam”s Ribs”
9:30am “Abyssinia, Henry”
10:00am “Welcome to Korea, Part I”
10:30am “Welcome to Korea, Part II”
11:00am “Change of Command”
11:30am “The Interview”
12:00pm “Margaret”s Engagement”
12:30pm “Hanky-Panky”
1:00pm “Margaret”s Mari age”
1:30pm “Fade In, Fade Out, Part I”
2:00pm “Fade In, Fade Out, Part II”
2:30pm “Comrades in Arms, Part I”
3:00pm “Comrades in Arms, Part II”
3:30pm “Mail Call Three”
4:00pm “Our Finest Hour, Part I”
4:30pm “Our Finest Hour, Part II”
5:00pm “Point of View”
5:30pm “Hot Lips Back In Town”
6:00pm “Goodbye Radar, Part One”
6:30pm “Goodbye Radar, Part Two”
7:00pm “Period of Adjustment”
7:30pm “Life Time”
8:00pm “Bottle Fatigue”
8:30pm “Death Takes a Holiday”
9:00pm “As Time Goes By”
9:30pm “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”

Source: FXNetworks.com