Season 3 Episode Guide

049 – “The General Flipped at Dawn” (3×01)
September 10th, 1974

An insane General Steele (played by Harry Morgan, who would later go on to portray Colonel Potter) arrives at the 4077th and inspects the camp and the troops. General Steele even goes as far as to call Klinger his wife!

050 – “Rainbow Bridge” (3×02)
September 17th, 1974

A POW swap with Chinese almost goes sour when Frank brings along a gun (it’s a water pistol), but in the end Henry is justified in sending Hawkeye, Trapper, Radar, Frank, and Klinger off into an area controlled by the enemy. Of course, being Henry, it took him a while to decide to send the group.

051 – “Officer of the Day” (3×03)
September 24th, 1974

Frank is in charge of the camp, again, this time while Henry is off in Seoul. Hawkeye won’t let a wounded North Korean soldier go, instead keeping him at the 4077th to recuperate. Colonel Flagg inevitably shows up.

052 – “Iron Guts Kelly” (3×04)
October 1st, 1974

A General nicknamed “Iron Guts” passes away inside Margaret’s tent, but that’s a much too peaceful death, so the General’s assistant decides to make it seem like Iron Guts was killed in action, a much more distinguished death.

053 – “O.R.” (3×05)
October 8th, 1974

Sidney Freedman comes for a visit, while the skills of the members of the 4077th are stretched to the limits when the O.R. is overcrowded with more casualties than they’re able to work on.

054 – “Springtime” (3×06)
October 15th, 1974

Klinger, with help from Father Mulcahy and Radar, is married to his girl back in Toledo over the radio, Radar falls for yet another nurse, and a patient whose live Hawkeye saved is over-grateful, he even goes as far as to physically threaten Frank when Frank is getting in Hawkeye’s way.

055 – “Check-Up” (3×07)
October 22nd, 1974

During a routine physical, it is discovered that Trapper has an ulcer, which means he can be sent home. The 4077th throws him a party, but just before he goes to it, Trapper finds out the regs have changed and he won’t be going home, but he goes to the party anyway, and then informs his friends he’ll be staying with them for a while longer.

056 – “Life With Father” (3×08)
October 29th, 1974

Henry is worried when he gets a letter from his wife back home, he begins to think she’s cheating on him. Meanwhile, a baby born to a Jewish American Soldier to a Korean woman is circumcised, with Father Mulcahy taking the role of a rabbi.

057 – “Alcoholics Unanimous” (3×09)
November 12th, 1974

Frank declares the 4077th a dry camp, no booze. He is convinced that Hawkeye and Trapper are alcoholics, a belief that may have some footing in reality after the two friends start fighting without their still. Margaret gets drunk with Hawkeye and Trapper, so Frank enlists Father Mulcahy to give stirring anti-drinking sermon, in a service that he’s ordered the entire camp to attend. Seeing as this is the largest audience he’s ever had, Mulcahy has a small drink before hand as a bracer, and ends up giving his sermon a bit drunk, which leads to Hawkeye and Trapper fighting, Frank getting punched in the stomach, and Margaret giving him something alcoholic to drink, which ends the prohibition.

058 – “There Is Nothing Like A Nurse” (3×10)
November 19th, 1974

After a credible threat of a North Korean parachute drop is received, all the nurses are shipped off, leaving the surgeons to deal with inept hands, and also the lack of females to flirt with. Hawkeye, Trapper, and Captain Spalding come up with ways to the pass the time until the nurses return.

059 – “Adam’s Ribs” (3×11)
November 26th, 1974

Sick and tired of having liver and onions for week upon week, Hawkeye orders spare ribs and sauce from the best place he ever had them, in Chicago. Trapper calls a woman he spent a weekend with to pick up the ribs, and then they get choppered in. Sadly, right as they’re sitting down to eat, wounded arrive, and Hawkeye is forced to leave his beloved ribs uneaten, without a bite.

060 – “A Full Rich Day” (3×12)
December 3rd, 1974

A mad Turkish soldier who speaks no English other than “damn good Joe”, an officer with a rifle who won’t settle for his buddy getting treated later, and the lose of the body of a deceased Luxembourg soldier, all these events are recorded by Hawkeye in a recorded letter to his father. The Turkish solider drives off, the officer with the rifle eventually passes out, and the deceased soldier turns out to be quite alive, just wounded.

061 – “Mad Dogs and Servicemen” (3×13)
December 10th, 1974

After a dog bites Radar, he is forced to undergo rabies shots when the dog can’t be located. Trapper and Henry eventually find and give chase to the dog, and then get chased by the dog in return. Meanwhile, Hawkeye goes against Frank’s orders (as always) when he decides to treat a soldier who is in the throes of paralysis onset by what he experienced in battle.

062 – “Private Charles Lamb” (3×14)
December 31st, 1974

Radar, after meeting a lamb that is to be slaughtered, ruins the camps Greek feast when he tricks Henry into giving the lamb a discharge and sends it home to his mother. So, instead of going without a lamb, Hawkeye and Trapper come up with a substitute – one made entirely out of SPAM!

063 – “Bombed” (3×15)
January 7th, 1975

Trapper and Margaret are locked in the supply tent during a shelling , and this leads Frank to believe something happened between the two. Meanwhile, the rest of the camp is swamped with wounded.

064 – “Bulletin Board” (3×16)
January 14th, 1975

Various events are held, all announced on the bulletin board. Hawkeye and Trapper have a good laugh while Henry stammers his way through a sex-ed lecture, a movie is enjoyed, and the camp holds a barbecue.

065 – “The Consultant” (3×17)
January 21st, 1975

Doctor Borelli comes to the 4077th to show the surgeons a technique he’s come up with for transplanting arteries. However, just when a wounded man needs the transplant, Borelli shows up drunk, his way to cope with being so close to the front.

0666 – “House Arrest” (3×18)
February 4th, 1975

Hawkeye is under house arrest in the Swamp after he takes a swing at Frank, with Margaret as a witness. However, the tides are turned when a female colonel visiting the camp tries to start something with Frank, and then Margaret walks in on them. The colonel cries rape to save face, and Frank is the one under house arrest.

067 – “Aid Station” (3×19)
February 11th, 1975

Hawkeye, Margaret, and Klinger learn first hand what it’s like to work at the front, when they are sent by Henry to an aid station to help out. When they return to the 4077th, they’ve not only become a bit closer, but they’ve learned to appreciate the little things at the camp…such as no constant shelling and somewhat sanitary conditions.

068 – “Love and Marriage” (3×20)
February 18th, 1975

Hawkeye and Trapper play matchmaker, helping one soldier with his Korean wife, who is pregnant, and being forced to keep another soldier from marrying a Korean girl with tuberculosis.

069 – “Big Mac” (3×21)
February 25th, 1975

Klinger dons a Statue of Liberty costume in preparation for a visit by General MacArthur, while the rest of the 4077th gets ready for Big Mac’s visit.

070 – “Payday” (3×22)
March 14th, 1975

Another full episode, this one has Hawkeye getting in money-related trouble, Frank buying two sets of pearls, a real one and a fake one, and convincing Margaret she got the real one when he really gave her the fake one, and Trapper “borrowing” Hawkeye’s watch so he can stay in a poker game. Hawkeye’s problem is resolved when he takes the money Trapper won at the poker game and pays of what he owes to the army.

071 – “White Gold” (3×23)
March 11th, 1975

Colonel Flagg allows thieves to get away with the 4077th’s supply of penicillan, reglardless of the fact that the drugs helps save countless lives. Flagg needs to use the drugs to get information from the North Koreans. Hawkeye and Trapper turn the tables on Flagg when they trick him into believing he has appendicitis so he’ll have to let them keep the penicillin for use on him.

072 – “Abyssinia, Henry” (3×24)
March 18th, 1975

The camp is overjoyed to hear that Henry will be going home soon, but not all for the same reason. Most everyone is happy that he’ll be back home with his family, but Frank and Margaret are just glad he’ll be gone, since all signs point to Frank as being the 4077th’s next CO. Henry gets his party, including a new suit, and then says goodbye to everyone at the chopper pad. He tells Radar he’ll be back to kick his butt if he gets in trouble, and then leaves. Later, in surgery, a distraught Radar stumbles in to announce that Henry’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. War is hell.

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