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AfterMASH premiered on Monday, September 26th, 1983 at 8:00PM with an hour-long episode (split in two for summer repeats). The following week, it moved to 9:00PM. The first season finale was broadcast on Monday, March 12th, 1984 and the series was replaced with Kate & Allie for several weeks. Summer repeats began on Sunday, April 29th, 1984, airing at 8:00PM. These repeats were shifted to Tuesdays beginning June 24th. The final summer repeat aired on September 11th, 1984; the following week AfterMASH was pre-empted by the premiere of E/R.

The first episode of the second season was given a special showing on Sunday, September 23rd, 1984 at 8:00PM before the Emmy Awards. The following week, the series moved to Tuesdays at 8:00PM. Only five episodes aired in this timeslot (and one pre-emption) before the series was cancelled. That’s where things get tricky.

The Last Episodes

On December 4th, CBS aired the 29th episode of the series, titled “Ward is Hell.” The following week, on December 11th, the episode “Saturday’s Heroes” was supposed to be aired but CBS pulled the broadcast at the last moment (after TV Guide and local television listings had been printed). There is reason to believe that CBS sent out press material promoting another new episode (the very last episode, in fact) of AfterMASH as airing on December 18th at 8:30PM. At least one source (The Hartford Courant) lists this episode (about a flood and a poker game). However, the final weeks of 1984 would be filled with animated specials, not AfterMASH.

Five months later, CBS announced it would air the final two episodes of AfterMASH back-to-back on Friday, May 31st, 1985. The second-to-last episode, “Saturday’s Heroes,” aired from 8:00PM to 8:30PM. And then, as one final slap in the face, CBS pulled the very last episode, “Wet Feet,” and aired a news special with Dan Rather. The final episode has never aired.

Season One (1983-1984)

Airdate Episode # Episode Title
Monday At 8:00PM
09/26/1983 1/2 September of ’53/Together Again
Monday At 9:00PM
10/03/1983 3 Klinger vs. Klinger
10/10/1983 4 Snap, Crackle, Plop
10/17/1983 5 Staph Inspection
10/24/1983 6 Night Shift
10/31/1983 7 Shall We Dance
11/07/1983 8 Little Broadcast of ’53
11/14/1983 9 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
11/21/1983 10 Thanksgiving of ’53
11/28/1983 PRE-EMPTED: The Gambler – The Adventure Continues, Part I
12/05/1983 11 Fallout
12/12/1983 12 Bladder Day Saints
12/29/1983 13 All About Christmas Eve
12/26/1983 REPEAT: Staph Inspection
01/02/1984 14 Chief of Staff
01/09/1984 15 C.Y.A.
01/16/1984 16 Yours Truly, Max Klinger
Monday At 8:00PM
01/23/1984 17 It Had To Be You
Monday At 9:00PM
01/30/1984 18 Odds and Ends
02/06/1984 19 Another Saturday Night
02/13/1984 REPEAT: Shall We Dance
02/20/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Sidney Sheldon’s Master of the Game
02/27/1984 20 Fever Pitch
03/05/1984 21 By The Book
03/12/1984 22 Up and Down Payments
03/19/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Kate & Allie
03/26/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Kate & Allie
04/02/1984 PRE-EMPTED: NCAA Basketball Championship
04/09/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Still the Beaver
04/16/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Kate & Allie
04/23/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Kate & Allie
Sunday At 8:00PM
04/29/1984 REPEAT: September of ’53
05/06/1984 REPEAT: Together Again
05/13/1984 REPEAT: Klinger vs. Klinger
05/20/1984 REPEAT: Snap, Crackle, Plop
05/27/1984 REPEAT: Thanksgiving of ’53
06/03/1984 REPEAT: Little Broadcast of ’53
06/10/1984 REPEAT: Yours Truly, Max Klinger
06/17/1984 REPEAT: It Had To Be You
06/25/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Scarecrow and Mrs. King
07/01/1984 REPEAT: Fallout
07/08/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Salute to Lady Liberty
07/15/1984 REPEAT: Night Shift
Tuesday At 8:00PM
07/24/1984 REPEAT: Little Broadcast of ’53
07/31/1984 REPEAT: Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
08/07/1984 REPEAT: Bladder Day Saints
08/14/1984 REPEAT: C.Y.A.
08/21/1984 REPEAT: Chief of Staff
08/28/1984 REPEAT: Another Saturday Night
09/04/1984 REPEAT: Fever Pitch
09/11/1984 REPEAT: Odds and Ends
09/18/1984 PRE-EMPTED: E/R

Season Two (1984; 1985)

Airdate Episode # Episode Title
Sunday At 8:00PM
09/23/1984 23 Less Miserable
Tuesday At 8:00PM
09/25/1984 24 Calling Doctor Habibi
10/02/1984 25 Strangers and Other Lovers
10/09/1984 26 Trials
10/16/1984 27 Madness to His Method
10/23/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Lyndon H. LaRouche Paid Advertisement
10/30/1984 28 The Recovery Room
11/06/1984 PRE-EMPTED: National Election Results
11/13/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Donald Duck’s 50th Birthday
11/20/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Bugs Bunny Thanksgiving Diet
11/27/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Heroes and Sidekicks: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Tuesday At 8:30PM
12/04/1984 29 Ward is Hell
12/11/1984 PRE-EMPTED: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
12/18/1984 PRE-EMPTED: Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies
12/25/1984 PRE-EMPTED: The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
(The series was off the air for the next five months.)
Friday At 8:00PM
05/31/1985 30 Saturday’s Heroes
(The final episode of the series has never been aired.)
UNAIRED 31 Wet Feet


Associated Press. “LaRouche Ad Citing Mondale Angers Viewers.” Los Angeles Times. 25 Oct. 1984: B6.

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  1. I have aquired video taped recordings of all but four episodes. The ones I do not have are:

    22. By The Book
    26. Trials
    30. Saturday’s Heroes
    31. Wet Feet

    I would love to aquire these episodes somehow. I am more than willing to trade digitized versions of my recordings for these missing episodes. I understand, of course, that episode #31 will be virtually imposible to find unless and until this series is released on DVD. So, that makes three episodes that are out there, somewhere, that I need. Can you help?

    1. I myself have looked everywhere for By the Book, it seems no one has it or has even heard of it. The episode is not included on most episode lists, this might be the reason.

  2. I only have a handful of episodes of AfterMASH myself but I was under the impression that aside from the unaired finale all the episodes are floating around out there. It would be wonderful if 20th Century Fox would release the series on DVD (hint, hint) rather than forcing folks to seek the series any way they can.

  3. I agree I would like 20th Century Fox to release all of AfterMASH on DVD or Blue Ray DVD. It would be cool to add to a special box set complete M*A*SH and AfterMASH in one combined set with all 31 produced episodes of AfterMASH.

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