Caption This #062: Dreams


The Caption This game is played every Wednesday at 12PM Eastern. Every week, I’ll post an image from an episode of M*A*S*H and ask readers to provide a caption. This is not a competition, there is no winner, and you can share as many captions as you want.

This week’s image is from the Season 8 episode “Dreams.” Take a look and hit the comments with your best idea for a caption.

Still from the MASH episode Dreams showing Harry Morgan as Colonel Potter.

Check back next Wednesday for another installment of Caption This.

4 Replies to “Caption This #062: Dreams”

  1. Potter finally suffered the result of being old in a 3-year war stretched out to 11 years’ time. It spread all over I Corps that it would be too dangerous to be the CO at the 4077th. Their mortality rate was now 2 for 2 after all. Potter’s official cause of death: space-time continuum.

  2. During a break on filming, Harry Morgan dreamt that Alan Alda and Jack Webb got into a physical altercation over politics.

  3. And then without warning, Col. Potter finally succumbed to the same mysterious knock-out gas that befell Trapper John three “Caption This” items ago….

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