51st Anniversary of M*A*S*H

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Happy birthday, M*A*S*H! Our favorite TV show debuted 51 years ago today in the United States on CBS on Sunday, September 17th, 1972 at 8PM ET. Were you watching? Have you been a M*A*S*H fan from the very first episode?

My grand plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of M*A*S*H last year fell apart quickly. I did manage to publish weekly 50 Years of M*A*S*H posts for the first season (minus summer repeats) but won’t be continuing with Season 2. I fell behind with my monthly Through the Years posts showing how each character evolved over the course of the show. I do still plan to complete them eventually. The monthly 50th Anniversary Episode Poll didn’t get very far because I kept forgetting to add new polls. Apologies to anyone who was annoyed or frustrated that I couldn’t finish what I started.

How do you plan on celebrating the 51st anniversary of M*A*S*H today? Will you watch the series premiere? Have a mini-marathon of your favorite episodes?

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