50th Anniversary Episode Poll: “Tuttle” Voted Best Episode from Season 1


Last month, visitors to MASH4077TV.com voted “Tuttle” the best episode from Season 1 of M*A*S*H. That matches the results of the Great 2015 M*A*S*H Episode Poll back in January 2015.

The 50th Anniversary Episode Poll continues this month. Be sure to cast your vote for the best episode from Season 2.

2 Replies to “50th Anniversary Episode Poll: “Tuttle” Voted Best Episode from Season 1”

  1. For polls such as this, one usually tends to want to vote for a personal favorite of theirs, but in this case, since this is the 50th anniversary of the show, and we’re voting for what the best episode of each season was, I’m going less with my own personal feelings of what I like, and more of what I believe was a particularly significant milestone or achievement with each season, which is why I voted for “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet,” since that’s often cited as the episode where M*A*S*H finally managed to find the tone that they wanted in being able to balance the comedy and the drama within a storyline, not to mention with it featuing a character who dies on screen, it became the first one to show that M*A*S*H could tackle serious subject matter in a real and respectable way.

    1. I like your reasoning. It definitely achieved the balance of comedy and drama the series continued with (quite successfully) .

      This milestone was reached with some great “steppingstones”, each unique and important to the M*A*S*H series as a whole; I can never pick a favorite … but I like your thoughts on your pick for this season.

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