MeTV Celebrating 50 Years of M*A*SH with The Best by Farr

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Digital specialty network MeTV is celebrating the 50th anniversary of M*A*S*H this week with “The Best by Farr,” episodes chosen and introduced by by Jamie Farr. Two of Farr’s favorite episodes air back-to-back Monday through Friday this week from 7-8PM ET.

Unfortunately, I’m late reporting this so the first six episodes have already aired. Here’s the full schedule:

Monday, September 12
7:00PM “Chief Surgeon Who?”
7:30PM “The Trial of Henry Blake”

Tuesday, September 13
7:00PM “Crisis”
7:30PM “Springtime”

Wednesday, September 14
7:00PM “Big Mac”
7:30PM “Abyssinia, Henry”

Thursday, September 15
7:00PM “The Interview”
7:30PM “Movie Tonight”

Friday, September 16
7:00PM “What’s Up, Doc?”
7:30PM “Point of View”

I plan on recording the episodes airing tonight and tomorrow so I can check out Farr’s introductions. MeTV has also posted the introductions on its website.

(Thanks to Dan.)

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  1. I thought I’d long know all the key details about this series. But Jamie has some production information in his segments about “The Trial of Henry Blake” and — this one really stunned me — “Movie Tonight” that I’d never heard or read about before.

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