Caption This #003: Life With Father


The Caption This game is played every Wednesday at 12PM Eastern. Every week, I’ll post an image from an episode of M*A*S*H and ask readers to provide a caption. This is not a competition, there is no winner, and you can share as many captions as you want.

This week’s image is from the Season 3 episode “Life With Father.” Take a look and hit the comments with your best idea for a caption.

Still from the MASH episode Life With Father showing Hawkeye and Trapper

Check back next Wednesday for another installment of Caption This.

7 Replies to “Caption This #003: Life With Father”

  1. Hawkeye: “You don’t suppose, if I open the door, that BJ and Charles will be in there…?”
    Trapper: “Well, if it somehow gets me out of Korea sooner, I’m all for it!”

  2. Hawkeye: “Maybe for fun we can set Frank’s feet in cement tonight?”
    Trapper: “You really do know how to liven up an evening with a vicious prank… I like that”
    Hawkeye: “Heh, did you see the two new nurses that arrived yesterday? I look forward to giving them a full tour of the camp and EVERYTHING I… (ahem…I mean we)… have to offer”
    Trapper: “I like that redhead, she reminds of Mildred Feeney from Chicago. Boy, you talk about your spare ribs! ….I wonder how a redhead dipped in bbq sauce would taste…”
    Hawkeye: “stop it! I’m starting to foam at the mouth…”

  3. “I think you’ll really like this one. Studio apartment, heating included, plumbing hooks directly into still, and easy to pack up and take with you if you just want to head out someplace else on a weekend…”

  4. Trapper: What’ll we do inside? Drink gin or just drink gin?

    Hawkeye: I’ll rather be on Cuba libre indulging in Sex on the beach, but gin will do.

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