Video Rarities: Our Finest Hour on WNEW-TV (Channel 5) in New York City on February 28th, 1983

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Here’s a brief programming announcement for TV station WNEW-TV (Channel 5) in New York City from February 28th, 1983. That night, the series finale of M*A*S*H aired on CBS from 8:30-11PM ET. Earlier in the evening, WNEW pre-empted its usual episode of All in the Family at 7:30PM ET to air a special hour-long episode of M*A*S*H: “Our Finest Hour” from Season 7.

At the time, WNEW-TV aired M*A*S*H from 7-7:30PM ET on weeknights followed by All in the Family from 7:30-8PM ET.

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