20th Anniversary of MASH4077TV.com


Two decades ago, I started a website dedicated to a TV show that went off the air a few years before I was born.

Or maybe I didn’t.

Longtime readers may recall I don’t know when I launched the website that eventually became MASH4077TV.com after multiple name changes. Nor do I know when I started watching M*A*S*H. It had to have been some time after September 6th, 1998 because that’s when the show began airing on cable channel FX. I honestly can’t remember what sparked my interest in M*A*S*H, why it became a lifelong obsession. I stumbled upon an episode on FX one Sunday morning when I was in middle school and I’ve been a fan ever since.

At some point after watching that first episode, I started a website dedicated to M*A*S*H. The earliest files I have are from April 1999 so I’ve always considered that the “birth month” for the site. You can learn more about the history of MASH4077TV.com (previously known as M*A*S*H — Finest Kind from 2002 to 2011) by reading my About page.

I’m still working on the website redesign I announced earlier this month. I wanted to have it done this month but life got in the way. Hopefully, I’ll finish it in the next week or so. But I wanted to mark the 20th anniversary in April even if the redesign wasn’t ready.

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been watching and writing about M*A*S*H for 20 years. Thank you to everyone who has sent e-mails and left comments and supported MASH4077TV.com over the past twenty years. Here’s to twenty more.

5 Replies to “20th Anniversary of MASH4077TV.com”

  1. Happy 20th Anniversary, RJ! I love this site so much, it’s such a joy to connect with people who enjoy the same hobby I have. I’m a “MASHer” as I call myself, but I don’t really have anyone to discuss the show with, except for my parents. Not many 19 year old students like this sort of thing, I guess, but I’ve loved it for around two years now.
    Just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary and many more!
    God bless you, Sir!

  2. 20 years is a great milestone. And this website is an incredible monument to a passion that all of us share with you. This website is a gift. Thank you, RJ.

  3. Congratulations, RJ!! A 20-year website is cause indeed to celebrate. Thank you for being a fan and creating this great place for all of us fellow M*A*S*H lovers to unite and have a discussion about the best show ever created. Echoing sentiments when I say ‘Here’s to 20 more years!!’

  4. Congrats and THANK YOU again for your wonderful website. I enjoy reading all of the articles and comments.

    I do not remember when I first stumbled on your site, but I do remember it still had the Finest Kind moniker, so I am guessing I have been visiting these parts for 10 years (maybe more).

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