Making M*A*S*H on YouTube


If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch the wonderful 1981 PBS documentary “Making M*A*S*H,” now you can. Someone uploaded the entire documentary to YouTube in January:

The video quality is poor but it’s watchable. “Making M*A*S*H” is not officially available anywhere, so this may be your only chance to watch it. I’d watch it sooner rather than later. It may disappear from YouTube at any time, without notice.

For the record, the video on YouTube is the original PBS version, which features narration from Mary Tyler Moore. An edited version, with narration from producer and writer Michael Hirsch, later aired in syndication. Learn more about “Making M*A*S*H” by reading my article about the documentary.

(Thanks to Tom.)

5 Replies to “Making M*A*S*H on YouTube”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I remember watching it when it first aired on PBS. The thing that stuck out most to me at that time was that it was the first time I realized that David Ogden Stiers’ accent was nothing like that of Charles Winchester.

    In retrospect 38 years later (I can’t believe it has been that long!), this was a well made documentary about the series. So glad it was made at the time to preserve everyone’s memories while the show was still in progress. Really glad that they included Wayne Rogers and Larry Linville even though they had left the show years earlier. I wish that McLean and Gary would have been interviewed as well.

    1. DOS did such a great job with his Boston accent that any time I heard him speak in his regular accent, it just didn’t sound right.

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