Outdoor M*A*S*H Filming Location Survived Woolsey Fire


Last November, when the Woolsey Fire tore through Malibu Creek State Park in California, the area where outdoor scenes for M*A*S*H were filmed was burned but not destroyed as previously reported. According to a post at the Reddit M*A*S*H community by someone who hiked out to the site last month, “There was charred trees and bushes all around the site, and the helipad looks like it was completely on fire at one point, but the picnic benches and sign post survived.”

The California Department of Parks and Recreation re-opened portions of Malibu Creek State Park on December 18th, 2018. The campground is still closed. Although the M*A*S*H filming location survived relatively intact, a number of structures in the park were destroyed, including “employee residences, the historic Sepulveda Adobe, Red House, Hope Ranch also known as the White Oak Barn (including historic Adamson rowboats) and Reagan Ranch.”

The official website for the park has the following notice: “Malibu Creek State Park was badly damaged in a November 2018 wildfire, but recovery has begun. Please tread lightly and exercise caution when visiting.

(Thanks to Seoul City Sue.)

3 Replies to “Outdoor M*A*S*H Filming Location Survived Woolsey Fire”

  1. Whew! I’m so glad that AMAZING piece of film history survived! I thought it was all gone! I feel SO bad for those who lost everything in the fire, though. May Jesus bless them.

  2. Yea this is great news. Glad to see it survived. Awesome seeing those pictures in the album on that Reddit post.

    Imagine how cool it would be if some of the surviving members could make the trip up there to see it.

  3. Other than the mountains obviously being scorched, looks like the only casualty of the fire, somehow, was the signpost: looks like it got burned a little in the fire.

    Otherwise, so relieved to see it survived!

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