New M*A*S*H Complete Collection DVD Set Available


Last month, 20th Century Fox quietly re-released M*A*S*H on DVD. “The Complete Collection” is a 34-disc set that includes all 11 seasons of the TV show plus the 1970 movie. It does not include the two discs of bonus features originally released as part of “The Martinis & Medicine Collection” back in 2006. That set has been out-of-print for years.

Cover artwork to the new M*A*S*H - The Complete Collection DVD set
M*A*S*H – The Complete Collection DVD Artwork
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Best Buy

You can still buy individual season sets in some stores and online. The 3-disc set containing “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” and the two bonus discs from “The Martinis & Medicine Collection” is also still available.

The suggested retail price for “The Complete Collection” is $99.99 but online retailers are offering it at a discount. Currently, both Amazon and Walmart are selling it for $62.69, although Amazon warns it may take up to four weeks to ship. It’s also available at Target ($80.89), Best Buy ($69.99), and Barnes & Noble ($69.99). Walmart, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble indicate the new set is available in stores while Target has it as an online exclusive.

The only reviews I’ve been able to find are at Best Buy’s website. All five reviews give “The Compete Collection” five stars.

Please note the stock artwork at Amazon is wrong. It has “33-Disc Set” on the spine. Pictures of the set listed on eBay have “34-Disc Set” on the spine. Also, I do not know if “The Complete Collection” is or will be sold in other DVD regions. It is for sale in Canada which shares the same Region 1 DVD code with the United States.

Personally, I already own both “The Martinis & Medicine Collection” and all 11 individual season DVD sets, so I have no interest in buying “The Complete Collection” set. For new fans, who want the convenience of a complete series set, “The Complete Collection” may be a good option.

(Thanks to Dan.)

4 Replies to “New M*A*S*H Complete Collection DVD Set Available”

  1. I still say that complete series sets of long-running series are impractical. Not only are they incredibly expensive, but you have no choice but to buy every single season in a set when there are certain seasons you may not want to own, which is why individual season sets are the better route to go.

    Complete series sets should be reserved for short-runners that only last a season or two at most, like THE MUNSTERS, for example.

    1. If you only want four or five seasons, it’s cheaper to buy them individually. I think the season sets are selling for around $10-$15 these days.

      If you can get this new set for around $60, that’s a good deal considering you get 11 seasons. The Martinis & Medicine Collection retailed for $200 when it first came out.

  2. Does anybody know if this new collection features a play all on every season as opposed to just the later seasons on previous dvd releases?

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