Name That Episode IV #128


The Name That Episode game is played Tuesdays and Thursdays, with images posted randomly between 12PM and 6PM Eastern. Players can participate as often as they like. An archive of past rounds can be found here. Today’s image can be found below. Can you name the episode it’s from? Feel free to post guesses in the comments section. As always, the winner gets bragging rights.

And the Winner Is: BDOR, who correctly identified “The Ringbanger,” from Season 1.

Name That Episode

8 Replies to “Name That Episode IV #128”

  1. I think this is definitely Season 1, because Frank’s cot isn’t at an angle like it was in ensuing seasons. My guesses are either “Germ Warfare” (he’s being asked to taste the beer so they can get his urine sample), “Mail Call Again” (he just got finished fighting with Margaret over whether she has a brain), or even “Major Fred C. Dobbs” (he’s outraged that his interlude in Margaret’s tent was recorded).

  2. All wrong. Hint: Frank gets very confused in this scene.

    (I apologize for how awful some of my hints are. I wrote them months ago when I collected the images. It made sense at the time.)

    1. I have one last thought, it just came to me a while ago: “The Ringbanger”? Is this where Frank is trying to give Buzz a check-up but Buzz is convinced he’s gay and trying to hit on him?

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