Tim O’Connor (1927-2018)


Actor Tim O’Connor, who made two guest appearances on M*A*S*H, died last week (April 5th) at the age of 90. O’Connor is best remembered for his role on Peyton Place, the popular ABC prime time soap opera from the 1960s. He also had a regular role on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century from 1979 to 1980.

O’Connor played two different characters on M*A*S*H: Colonel Spiker in “Of Moose and Men” (1975, Season 4) and Captain Norman Traeger in “Operation Friendship” (1981, Season 9).

Still from the MASH episode Of Moose and Men showing Tim O'Connor as Colonel Spiker.
Tim O’Connor as Colonel Spiker in “Of Moose and Men” (Season 4)
Still from the MASH episode Operation Friendship showing Tim O'Connor as Captain Norman Traeger
Tim O’Connor as Captain Norman Traeger in “Operation Friendship” (Season 9)

Obituaries can be found at The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter.

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3 Replies to “Episode Spotlight: Of Moose and Men”

  1. This was a rather bland episode and one I don’t watch often.
    A cousin of mine is part Cherokee, just to point it out.

    Hawkeye: The woman is obviously eight months along with a Sherman tank.

  2. I’m part Cherokee too, one-eighth in fact: my great grandfather on my mother’s side was a full-blooded Cherokee. Otherwise, my bloodline is made up mostly of Scotch/Irish.

    But this episode is easily one of the worst of the whole series, it does nothing for me, I agree that it’s a bland and boring episode, and I took often skip over it.

    The thing that bugs me the most about this episode? Colonel Spiker actually seems like he’s in worse condition in Post-Op for no reason: he sounds like he’s on his deathbed when he speaks, which doesn’t make sense.

  3. Tim O’Connor was a jerk in both episodes he played in…this one and “Operation Friendship”…neither time was his character even remotely likable.

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