Diginet MeTV will highlight a different M*A*S*H character each week next month as part of it’s “M*A*S*H MAYDAYS” programming block. M*A*S*H airs weekdays from 7-8PM ET on MeTV. Beginning on Monday, April 30th, the network will offer viewers 10 episodes focusing on a different character every week:

  • Week #1 – Hawkeye
  • Week #2 – Margaret
  • Week #3 – Radar
  • Week #4 – Colonel Potter
  • Week #5 – B.J.

As an example, here are a few of the episodes from Week #1 (Hawkeye): “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet,” “For Want of a Boot,” “The Late Captain Pierce,” “Commander Pierce,” and “Life Time.” You’ll find a complete schedule at the MeTV website.

4 Replies to “M*A*S*H MAYDAYS on MeTV”

  1. I wish they would have done a week for Fr. Mulcahy, one of my favorite characters. Maybe they couldn’t come up with ten episodes centered on him or where he at least plays a significant role in one of the storylines.

    Let’s see: Mulcahy’s War, Dear Sis, A Holy Mess, Tea and Empathy, Captains Outrageous, The Yalu Brick Road, Yessir That’s Our Baby… are there any others?

    1. Out of Gas, Nurse Doctor, Alcoholics Unanimous. That plus yours would make 10. There’s probably a few others.

      1. Ah, Alcoholics Unanimous. I couldn’t think of one from the first three seasons – excellent!

        I also just remembered Blood Brothers, and maybe Exorcism and Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler would qualify, too? I guess there’s more than 10.

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