TV Land Airing Presidents Day M*A*S*H Marathon

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TV Land is airing a 17-episode Presidents Day M*A*S*H marathon tomorrow (February 19th) from 11AM ET to 8PM ET. All of the episodes are drawn from the first four seasons. Here’s the schedule:

11:00am – “Tuttle”
11:30am – “Sometimes You Hear The Bullet”
12:00pm – “The Long-John Flap”
12:30pm – “5 O’Clock Charlie”
 1:00pm – “Dear Dad…Three”
 1:30pm – “The Incubator”
 2:00pm – “Deal Me Out”
 2:30pm – “Officers Only”
 3:00pm – “Rainbow Bridge”
 3:30pm – “Alcoholics Unanimous”
 4:00pm – “Adam’s Ribs”
 4:36pm – “Private Charles Lamb”
 5:12pm – “Abyssinia, Henry”
 5:48pm – “Welcome To Korea, Part 1”
 6:24pm – “Welcome To Korea, Part 2”
 7:00pm – “Change Of Command”
 7:30pm – “The Novocaine Mutiny

TV Land is one of five cable channels airing M*A*S*H in the United States. The series regularly airs weeknights from 6-8PM ET.

(via Sitcoms Online)

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