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If you subscribe to cable TV and have access to On Demand programming, you may be able to watch select episodes of M*A*S*H whenever you want. I have Comcast and I noticed last week that seven episodes are available On Demand. They’re marked SundanceTV, one of five cable channels currently airing M*A*S*H.

Because I don’t get SundanceTV, I can only see the episode titles. I can’t check to see if the On Demand episodes include commercials and, if so, whether those commercials can be skipped by fast forwarding.

It looks to me like Comcast has seven episodes of M*A*S*H available On Demand on a rolling basis. At the moment, the final five episodes of Season 4 are showing up, plus the hour-long “Bug Out” from Season 5. As always, “Bug Out” has been split into two half-hour episodes for syndication.

For those fans who, like me, own M*A*S*H on DVD and only watch the series on DVD, episodes being On Demand aren’t a big deal. Especially if commercials are included and can’t be skipped, which is often the case with On Demand programming. The limited selection of episodes makes On Demand access less useful.

I’m curious to find out if other cable providers are able to offer more than just seven episodes. And are all On Demand episodes of M*A*S*H courtesy of SundanceTV?

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  1. You lost me at Comcast 😀

    Verizon FIOS here but only internet, so can’t check. Dropped TV a couple years ago because it’s insanely overpriced for 99.99% garbage.

    It’s 2018 now so guess Hulu completely dropped the ball on their promise to have it streaming in 2017. I suspect it’ll show up with the new Disney streaming service since Disney owns it now.

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