Decades Airing M*A*S*H “Binge” December 30th


Digital specialty network Decades will air a M*A*S*H marathon on Friday, December 30th. The marathon is part of a month-long Decades Comedy Binge.

A total of 16 episodes will air in two blocks, the first from 2PM ET to 6PM ET and the second from 8PM ET to 12AM ET. Here’s the full schedule:

 2:00PM “That’s Show Biz (Part 1)”
 2:30PM “That’s Show Biz (Part 2)”
 3:00PM “Give ‘Em Hell, Hawkeye”
 3:30PM “Snap Judgment (Part 1)”
 4:00PM “Snappier Judgment (Part 2)”
 4:30PM “Picture This”
 5:00PM “That Darn Kid”
 5:30PM “Hey, Look Me Over”

 8:00PM “Foreign Affairs”
 8:30PM “The Joker Is Wild”
 9:00PM “Who Knew?”
 9:30PM “Bombshells”
10:00PM “Settling Debts”
10:30PM “The Moon is Not Blue”
11:00PM “Run for the Money”
11:30PM “The U.N., the Night and the Music”

M*A*S*H doesn’t air regularly on Decades. A pair of episodes aired in early November; an unknown number of episodes aired in December 2015.

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  1. Don’t have Decades, never heard of it. I do have MeTV, and Sundance is apparently turning into something of what TV Land used to be.

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