M*A*S*H Removed From Netflix


Attention! Attention! If you’re upset about M*A*S*H being removed from Netflix’s streaming service, please contact Netflix directly. See this post.

This is no April Fool’s Day joke.

Despite hope for a last minute contract renewal or extension, M*A*S*H has been removed from Netflix’s streaming service in the United States (and potentially other countries as well). Almost exactly a month ago, Netflix users began seeing a notice pop up when watching M*A*S*H that the series would not be available after April 1st. I contacted Netflix customer service on March 3rd and was told the contract for M*A*S*H was set to expire on April 1st but the company was working to renew it.

Other M*A*S*H fans, however, were told by Netflix customer support that the series wouldn’t be leaving on April 1st or that it would return soon after the start of the month. So, it is still possible that M*A*S*H will be back on Netflix. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Thanks for the update. It was missing from my “continue watching” and was wondering what happened. I did not see the notice about it expiring.

      1. From episode 1, season 1, I was sequentially 18 episodes into Season 8, and, poof, all gone, and not a single notice (or I would have hurried to finish it).

        very disappointed!

    1. As expected, Netflix has a way of screwing up works. too bad, it’s the only thing I watch on here

    2. I never got a notice. I really relied on MASH as a nice goodnight watch.
      I don´t know what to watch to replace it.

    3. Does anyone know when the current deal with ME TV expires? Cant seem to find any info about when they will stop showing it..

    1. I agree – MASH is a classic. I have probably watched each season at least 5 times and recently was ready to start viewing it again. It never gets old. I wonder whose stupid idea it was to take it off. The new stuff is mostly junk. Let us enjoy the classics!!!

      1. Exactly, amazing that so many people have ZERO idea of how streaming licenses work. Netflix has ZERO control over their loss of M.A.S.H., the contract EXPIRED people and the rights holders opted NOT to renew it. Netflix can’t do anything about this, it’s out of their hands they pay for the rights to rebroadcast it and NOTHING else once their permission to broadcast it has ended they have NO choice but to pull it or face the consequences. If people wish to cancel their Netflix over this than they are idiots plain and simple. Want to complain? Contact 20th Century Fox, it’s their property and they and they alone are responsible for if it airs or not.

  2. I saw the notice about a week after we’d seen season 4 and wanted to take a break to watch something else. So we binge watched both seasons 5 and 6 and finished them in the nick of time. I hope it will be back on because there’s a very long wait for season 7 on DVD.

    Do you realize there’s been more time between the original airing of the show and now than the time between the original airing of the show and the Korean War? Anyway, the show still holds up and they did a good job of introducing Hunnicutt, Potter, and Winchester. I was very unhappy with they got rid of Blake, Trapper John, and Burns when I first watched the show as a kid.

    1. Lol even tho I’ve seen about 80% of all episodes, when I got to your ‘when they got rid of’ I instinctively scrolled past very quickly so I didn’t read and spoilers.

  3. Im so pissed! Bring back mash or im leaving netflix for good! Whoever owns mash getting greedy? Or netflix getting cheap? Worst april fool day ever!!

  4. I was mid season 10 as of April 1st and it’s not an overstatement to say I’m a little pissed. I contacted support and got the “oh well the license expired so we don’t know long it’ll take to renew” so maybe it’ll come back. Who knows with them. Honestly I’m not comfortable with bootlegging it but it looks like I don’t have a choice because I don’t have the $60 to drop on a boxset. As for those who didn’t receive a notification, yeah neither did I. Even as a younger fan I’m pretty irritated because it was such a good show and it was so ahead of its time, I’m just disappointed that if its not renewed younger generations wont get to see it, and being that DVDs are pretty much on their way out its easy to say Netflix would be a bunch of damn fools if they don’t bring it back.

  5. I’d watched every episode from the pilot up to season 7, and I’m pissed! I never got any pop-up notices, I had no idea it was going to be discontinued, or I would’ve binge watched it to the finale. I was really looking forward to watching the show evolve as it approached the final season. I found it on MeTV in my area, but the episodes airing are season 3. Netflix should bring it back!

  6. WHAAAAAAAAAT???????

    No more M*A*S*H???????


    I bought the whole series on Netflix because it is the BEST SHOW EVER ON TV.

    Do whatever needs to be done and get M*A*S*H BACK ON NETFLIX.


  7. So disappointed that MASH has been taken off Netflix! The modern TV shows just don’t do it for me at all! My guess is that most of you feel the same way! Netflix needs to re-negotiate with it’s clients prior to removing a show….

  8. You take MASH but leave shows on that have been on for years!! You mean to.tell me there are no more documentaries out there besides Hitler and world war ll. Or Stupid sit comes that are not even funny? I’ve had Netflix for years and you never bring back the next season. Where is Marco Polo or Bloodline? Between. Why are there not more foreign shows. Ugh if there was another streaming program to watch ID get it. Your starting to suck. I’m tired of always having the same things for months at a time

  9. They don’t want movies that don’t support stupid wars; Mash is the best antiwar show ever; the same story with the original Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”

  10. All seasons of MASH are on youtube; apparently no problem for google to keep the show going (“the show must go on”)

  11. I miss M*A*S*H. BRING IT BACK. MASH reruns (regardless of how many times I’ve seen them) are better than most current series on TV. It’s the main reason I’ve got Netflix. Do whay it takes, & if possible, bring it back. Thank you kindly for this opportunity to express my view on this great series. MASH has truly passed the test of time!!

  12. MASH is a classic like Star Wars, Rocky Horror, The Godfather and Futurama. Some things just don’t fade away, they endure. Netflix should bring back syndication of MASH and production of Futurama for exactly the same reason: they are beloved.

  13. I was very pissed when M*A*S*H went off Netflix. I canceled my subscription. I grew up on M*A*S*H, have seen every episode dozens of times. It never gets old. I’ll join Netflix again, if M*A*S*H comes back.

  14. You can take our favorite show off streaming. You can replace it with crappy original content. You can force us to buy the insanely expensive box set. But you cannot break the spirit of a Winchester.

    I mean, the spirit of a M*A*S*H fan. Sorry, I got carried away.

  15. Please bring MASH back to Netflix. It’s one of my favorite shows as well as a lot of other people.
    Also would like Gilligan’s Island added to the queue.

  16. People, I am just as mad as anyone else on here about M*A*S*H being off Netflix, but, as was stated before, it’s 20th Century Fox’s call, not Netflix’s.

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