New Interviews with Cast and Crew Available Online


May 6th, 2015 Update: Ken Levine has posted his thoughts on the series finale and the interviews shown on MeTV.

Last night, classic TV diginet MeTV aired a special three hour presentation of “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” that included exclusive new interviews with members of the cast and crew reflecting on the impact of the series finale. According to Ken Levine, the interviews “were recorded last year for a proposed documentary on MASH (that is still in the works).”

Those of us who don’t get MeTV can now watch the interviews online at the MeTV website. I’ve also embedded them in this post:

I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the interviews yet but hope to later today. It will be interesting to hear what Wayne Rogers and Gary Burghoff have to say about the finale considering they weren’t in it.

(Thanks to Kenny for passing this along.)

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  1. Virtually the entire remaining cast – sans David Ogden Stiers – were interviewed, and in addition to Gene Reynolds and Ken Levine, we also had interviews from Burt Metcalfe, David Isaacs, Elias Davis, David Pollack, Dan Wilcox, and Thad Mumford.

    They all shared anecdotes about the finale and the show that we already knew, but they also shared a few that I hadn’t heard before: not to ruin anything for others, but one that left me choked up was Alan (and I believe Burt) talking about not only did an incident where a mother smothered her baby to silence it actually happen, but that it apparently happened quite frequently.

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