Seasons 6-11 Added to Netflix (But Not GFA) [Updated]


July 1st, 2015 Update: “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” has been added to Netflix! Plus, Seasons 6-11 are now grouped by broadcast order and not production order.

No, this is not an April Fools joke. As of today, Seasons 6-11 of M*A*S*H have been added to Netflix. The first five seasons made their Netflix debut on February 1st.

However, there must have been some sort of mix-up because the episodes from these six seasons are presented in production order rather than broadcast order, so Season 8’s “Period of Adjustment” is listed before both “Good-Bye Radar, Part 1” and “Good-Bye Radar, Part 2.”

To make things even more confusing, the episodes are grouped by production season rather than by broadcast season, meaning episodes produced for Season 9 but held until Season 10 (like “That’s Show Biz” and “Identify Crisis”) are included in Season 9 while episodes produced for Season 10 but held until Season 11 (like “Hey, Look Me Over” and “Foreign Affairs”) are included in Season 10.

Missing entirely is “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.”

Also, as was the case with “Welcome to Korea” from Season 4 and “Bug Out” from Season 5, all of the remaining hour-long episodes — “Fade Out, Fade In” from Season 6, “Our Finest Hour” from Season 7, and “That’s Show Biz” from Season 10 (but included in Season 9 on Netflix) — have been split in two.

(Thanks to Hooper.)

11 Replies to “Seasons 6-11 Added to Netflix (But Not GFA) [Updated]”

  1. i am a huge MASH fan. I’m now watching them on Netflix. I’m in season 11 and it stops at episode 9. Where are the rest?

  2. I spoke with a netflix customer service person and was informed that Netflix has had trouble getting the rights to the last episode due to a song that was used in the episode. She was 100%sure that this was the reason but was to the best of her knowledge why the Goodbye Farewell Amen episode was not on netflix. I have noticed that the last episode is not on broadcast TV either. METV has it daliy but never shows the final episode.

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