M*A*S*H on Netflix Details [Updated]


July 1st, 2015 Update: “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” has been added to Netflix! Plus, Seasons 6-11 are now listed in broadcast order rather than production order.

April 1st, 2015 Update: Seasons 6-11 were added to Netflix on April 1st but not the series finale “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.” Also, the last six seasons are ordered by production block rather than by broadcast season.

As I reported a few weeks ago, as of today the first five seasons of M*A*S*H are available for streaming through Netflix (the United States version, at least). Here‘s the Netflix page for the series. Presumably the remaining seasons will be added at a later date. I took some time this morning to examine the series on Netflix using both a TV set and a computer.

Not surprisingly, M*A*S*H is not streaming in HD on Netflix. There has been no additional remastering and the video is identical to the DVDs. The quality appears somewhat lower on my 40″ HD set but that may be due to my Internet connection. Watching the first episode on DVD and Netflix side-by-side on my computer it was hard to tell the difference. It did take a few moments for Netflix to clear up but again that’s likely my Internet connection. Netflix does seem to be a slight bit darker.

Netflix Page for M*A*S*H

The episodes on Netflix are presented uncut the way they are on DVD. They are all 24 to 26 minutes long. However, both “Welcome to Korea” (Season 4) and “Bug Out” (Season 5) are split into two separate episodes on Netflix rather than one episode on the DVDs. I’m not sure why. These two episodes were originally broadcast on television as hour-long specials and were split in two for syndication but are not split on DVD.

Audio is in English with the laugh track. There is no option to watch the episodes without the laugh track. Captions are available in English only.

Netflix has rated M*A*S*H PG-13: Parental guidance suggested. May not be suitable for all children. It has a Common Sense Media Rating of AGe 13 (OK for kids 13+). Here’s what Common Sense has to say about M*A*S*H:

Parents need to know that M*A*S*H* is an outstanding dark comedy set during the Korean War at a mobile military hospital. Based on the classic 1970 movie, the show includes scenes of operating rooms with visible blood, wounded soldiers writhing in pain, and frank discussion of death. Though many of the characters are pro-military, the main characters are firmly anti-war and speak regularly and cynically about war and the military. Many episodes include veiled discussions of sexual activity, and there’s some kissing and groping, though it’s usually in a comedic context. Several characters drink regularly, one cross-dresses in an attempt to get sent home, and most are prone to playing practical jokes on each other. Older tweens and young teens will likely enjoy the show for Hawkeye’s wisecracks and the broader humor, but its more subtle messages may not kick in until kids are older.

(I regularly use Netflix but had never noticed the Common Sense Media Ratings before. The full M*A*S*H review includes details on violence, sex, language, consumerism, positive role models, and more.)

Bottom line: It’s great to see M*A*S*H on Netflix because it means millions of people may be introduced to the show. If you already have a Netflix plan with streaming, you might find it easier to stream episodes from the first five seasons rather than having to keep switching DVDs. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Netflix maybe M*A*S*H being available for streaming will be the push you’ve been waiting for. If you don’t have Netflix and don’t want it, you’re not missing anything, especially if you have M*A*S*H on DVD.

56 Replies to “M*A*S*H on Netflix Details [Updated]”

  1. Ridiculous, August 28 and still no licence agreement. I’ve been continuing my subscription waiting for the return. Time to cancel. Great job Netflix. Ill be cancelling my subscription tonight. You guys suck

  2. You took off my a s h but you leave the other crap on forever you raised my account price and now you have all crap about to cancel

  3. Why is it you have such crap now? … no worth while episodes to watch. Where are the classics? Your baby-boomers are your largest market now … the old Hawaii 50’s, barnaby jones, M A S H …. etc. why did u take off mash this past spring? Your subscription has increased by 80% in some ways but you take off a program that is an American icon? Shows like Bonanza, McHales Navy, Hogans Heros ALL NEED TO BE ADDED. The Classics you have now ARE NOT CLASSICS.

  4. Bring back MASH was the main reason I subbed to Netflix, gonna give it one more month then just cancelling Netflix forever the hell with it you guys just recycle the same old garbage movies and yet can’t bring back one of the most popular TV shows in history. Way to go Netflix way to go.

    1. Bringing back mash to Netflix will be the smartest thing Netflix could do at this point. As the saying goes ” if something works stick with it”If Netflix doesn’t bring back mash then they are the biggest buttheads in the world

  5. Please bring back MASH! It’s my favorite! Mine and many,many,many others! That’s why I wanted netflix! Now what’s the point?

  6. I can’t seem to watch it anywhere. Seasons are not in order on some channels I carry with Dish and I can’t even BUY the episodes on VuDu! Please break back Mash!

  7. I just signed up for Netflix tonight. If MASH is not available, and there is no firm schedule for when it will be available, I’ll play around with Netflix for a week or two to see what content they’ve got. But most likely if there’s no MASH by the end of February. I’ll cancel for sure. I came here specifically looking for MASH and am extremely dissappointed.

  8. When MASH was removed from Netflix I was told by a Netflix rep it would return in six months. Where is it? I encourge everyone to write/email President Trump and ask for his help.

  9. Id be willing to keep Netflix if they still had M*A*S*H, but my list of shows I watch on Netflix has become limited. No new movie releases doesn’t help either. A few weeks ago I was Lucky enough to find M*A*S*H on regular tv, although I’d still prefer to watch it on Netflix because of the ability to watch episodes chronologically. Well, if anyone is curious about networks that air M*A*S*H, here are a few that I found; TV Land, AMC, and Sundance.

  10. A tremendous mistake by the Netflix higher ups. Netflix has 100’s of millions financial lossest on their in house productions of series. My humble opinion is to rid your company of those incompetents and bring back MASH

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