M*A*S*H Coming to Netflix February 1st


The first five seasons of M*A*S*H will be available to Netflix users starting February 1st, according to a list of February Netflix additions posted by Decider. This is huge news and I know there are a lot of fans who have been waiting for the series to finally be available for streaming. Why only the first five seasons are being added is unknown. Presumably the remaining episodes will eventually be added as well. Hopefully all 11 seasons will be available at the same time.

Please note that Netflix operates in a number of countries and I don’t know whether M*A*S*H is being added to just the United States version or others as well.

The first five seasons of M*A*S*H adds up to 120 episodes, including all of those executive produced by Larry Gelbart and every single Frank Burns episode. You’ll soon be able to stream to your favorite device episodes like “M*A*S*H — The Pilot,” “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet,” “Hot Lips and Empty Arms,” “The General Flipped at Dawn,” “Abyssinia, Henry,” “The Interview,” and “Movie Tonight.”

Coincidentally, the film MASH will be among the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix on February 1st so if you’ve been waiting to stream it you might want to get on that sooner rather than later.

(Thanks to Jeremy for passing this along.)

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    1. ?? I too own the DVDs, but this is of huge interest to me. It is far, far (far!) easier to pull up an episode on Netflix than swap out DVDs in my player, navigate a the DVD menu, etc.

  1. That’s awesome news! I own seasons 1-4 on DVD, so I am only gaining 1 additional season. But I think this is great news for the series and perhaps a new generation of fans will discover our beloved show!

  2. It will be nice for those who do not have the DVDs. I have them all, but it’ll be nice, if not convenient, to fire up ol’ Netflix on our devices to watch the show. I’ve converted about half of my DVDs to video files to watch on our devices, but they can only hold so much….

  3. I just realized that Netflix will not have the option to watch the episodes without the laugh track, which is how I prefer to watch M*A*S*H these days.

    1. Agree with you 100%, RJ. That’s my favorite feature of the DVDs, and when I watch the show on TV now, particularly the early seasons, the laugh track is so intrusive that I sometimes have to change the channel.

    2. I seldom notice the laugh track on any show, until someone points it out to me. Kind of like, manual breathing, blinking, etc….

  4. It’s nearing late March, 2015 and no word on whether the remaining seasons of MASH will come to Netlflix. It does make me wonder whether they ever will. MASH is syndicated on MeTV where I live. I used to watch it lot – just yearning for the Winchester seasons to come back up which I believe are the best. Ever since Netflix put the the first 5 seasons up, I hardly ever watch MeTV at all now; indeed I have no need to turn on my television once MASH got on Netflix. I have the first Winchester season on DVD and “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” (GFAA) on tape. So, all I do is watch the first 5 seasons on Netflix then turn on the DVD player and watch Season 6, play it out, watch GFAA (I still own a VCR) and go right back to Netflix to start over again – and I’m content. Maybe that’s why Netflix may never put MASH’s remaining seasons up. It’s got to be cutting into syndicated television networks’ business like MeTV or TVLand – and that means no one’s watching the commercials which pay for it all. It also maybe that there’s some quiet agreement to try use these first 5 seasons to prime the pump to get folks to buy the DVD’s for the remaining episodes or buy/rent them from Amazon.com or others. Disagree? Well, take note that the first part of “War and Remembrance” had been on Netflix for a while; it doesn’t look the second part is ever going to show – pump primer I’m almost certain. And who can forget Babylon5 (B5)? Lord! I watched that scifi series over and over and over and over and over again – hardly ever watching anything else Netflix had to offer – including its own stuff in which I have NO interest. WB yanked all their stuff off Netflix three or four years ago – including B5 – and has been trying to hawk it all on their own online network ever since. Well I bought two (2) B5 episodes from Amazon online streaming a long time ago – but I’m not ever going to buy the rest. And maybe Netflix saw the pattern I described with B5 and decided it wasn’t worth it to them either. I don’t see MASH being yanked – but I think, with each passing day, the chances are very low that the whole show’s is ever going to come on streaming. It’s just too popular. There’s too many folks like me who love the series so much that we will just watch MASH and nothing else on Netflix. So, they’ll keep dangling 6-11 in front of our eyes – making us salver for them, tempting us to buy or rent them from them or on online – or go back to MeTV or TVland to watch the Winchester years – and they’ll get quiet kick-backs from those entities (to pay for us not watching their own junk and other movie offerings not being watched) when some of us give-in and do. Mark my words! And believe me I’ll be very, very, very happy if I’m wrong and have to eat ’em, but I don’t bet on it.

  5. Just finished watching Season 11 Episode 9; any word when the rest of the episodes will be on Netflix? Thank you!

    1. I just finished watching myself. I think netflix screwed up. Some episodes are out of order. According to what I’ve looked up there are actually 16 episodes for that season. I hope they realise this and get the last one!

    2. With the exception of the finale, all of the episodes are on Netflix. They are grouped by production season rather than broadcast season, so several episodes that aired during Season 11 are listed in Season 10 because that is when they were produced. See this post for details.

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