Stanford Tischler (1921-2014)


Film editor and producer Stanford Tischler passed away on Wednesday (January 15th) at the age of 92. He worked on all eleven seasons of M*A*S*H as well as AfterMASH and the unsold pilot “W*A*L*T*E*R” staring Gary Burghoff. He edited “M*A*S*H – The Pilot” and stayed with the series for the rest of its run. He was one of several film editors who worked on M*A*S*H. Others included Samuel Beetley, Larry L. Mills and Fred W. Berger. Starting with Season Six, he was also an associate producer for the series.

Image of film editor Stanford Tischler, from 1981

Stanford Tischler in Making M*A*S*H (1981)

Tischler was nominated for ten Primetime Emmy Awards between 1973 and 1983 for his work on M*A*S*H, winning once in 1976 for editing “Welcome To Korea” (shared with Fred W. Berger). He was also nominated for nine American Cinema Editors “Eddie” Awards, starting in 1973 for editing “M*A*S*H – The Pilot” (he lost that year to Fred W. Berger, who won for editing “Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts“), and won four.

He was an associate producer on AfterMASH from 1893 to 1985 as well as a film editor. He also edited the “W*A*L*T*E*R” pilot in 1984. Prior to M*A*S*H, Tischler worked as a film editor on a number of television series, including TV Reader’s Digest, Bachelor Father and Nanny and the Professor.

In 2002, Tischler sat down for an interview with the Archive of American Television, during which he called M*A*S*H his proudest career achievement.

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  1. Have always loved Mash. It’s like comfort food to me and can always calm me down and make me laugh after a hard day. It deserves many more Wars than it actually got all the actors in it the producers the directors the key grips you name it Mash was a masterpiece and I love you been watching repeats that I seen over and over again

  2. It won’t let me edit the above thing and I did the stupid voice text but anyway it deserves way more Awards instead of wars and it I do watch all the repeats and I get just as much out of him almost as the first time I saw them

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