Thanksgiving on M*A*S*H


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. No episodes of M*A*S*H focused exclusively on Thanksgiving. There was one episode that mentioned the holiday and one that dealt with the aftermath.

In “Hot Lips and Empty Arms” from Season Two, Hot Lips mentions Hawkeye and Trapper’s Thanksgiving “Come as Your Favorite Nude Pilgrim” party.

Season Eight’s “The Yalu Brick Road” took place the day after Thanksgiving, when the bulk of the camp was recovering from salmonella poisoning caused by questionable turkey provided by Klinger.

A sick Klinger on the phone

“Stuff it!”

Were there any other episodes of M*A*S*H involving Thanksgiving?

An episode of from the first season of AfterMASH took place on Thanksgiving Day. “Thanksgiving of ’53” saw Sherman Potter and his wife hosting their first family Thanksgiving dinner in many years, with Father Mulcahy, Klinger, Soon-Lee and others invited to join.

December 1st, 2013 Update:

In the comments, Benjamin and Chauncy Uppercrust have pointed out that Thanksgiving was mentioned in both “In Love and War” from Season Six and “Trick or Treatment” from Season Eleven.

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      1. Thanks! M*A*S*H is a surprisingly hard show to write fanfics for, but every once in a while, I manage to get some little nugget of creativity I feel like writing down, and this was one of them.

  1. In “Trick or Treatment” the wounded soldier said they were being rewarded with an early Thanksgiving dinner when his friends were killed.

  2. ‘The Yalu Brick Road’ was a rare beacon of hope in an increasingly bleak Season 8. The tag, however, does not make sense to me.

    Klinger: Thermopolis, you know those turkeys you sold me…….stuff it *gasps*.

    No idea what that was all about.

    1. Klinger was still sick from the turkey and as soon as he said “stuff it” he had an ‘accident’.

  3. In the episode “In Love and War” Hawkeye explains how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving to the Korean woman who’s name escapes me.

    1. Her name was Kyung Soon, if I remember correctly.

      A decent episode, marred by Margaret’s paranoia over Donald’s infidelity,which,unfortunately turned out to be true.

  4. Small bit of trivia – it was not “Thermopolis” it was Thompolous, named as a joke after the then head of programming at ABC (M*A*S*H was on CBS).

  5. Stephonapulus ….klinger you know that turky you sent us …..stuff it music credits voice over with freezed frame klinger….looking like that girl

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