Name That Episode II #172


The Name That Episode game is played Tuesdays and Thursdays, with images posted randomly between 12PM and 6PM Eastern. Players can participate as often as they like. An archive of past rounds can be found here. Today’s image can be found below. Can you name the episode it’s from? Feel free to post guesses in the comments section. As always, the winner gets bragging rights.

And the Winner Is: Seoul City Sue, who correctly identified “The Party.”

Name That Episode

Name That Episode

10 Replies to “Name That Episode II #172”

  1. It feels like a scene where it is the end of the episode, and they are all hard at work while the P.A. spouts on about changes in the outside world, and the peace talks stalling, or things like that.

    1. On second thought (yes I know I’m the 2nd one to say that line), I’ll say this is from “Operation Friendship”….but I could be wrong.

  2. NOW this is why I keep coming back to this site. Somehow RJ always is able to come up with a tough cookie, so to speak.:)

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