M*A*S*H No Longer on TV Land?


Reportedly, M*A*S*H has not aired on TV Land for several weeks. There are a number of people commenting at the TV Land Facebook page about the series not on the cable channel’s schedule for the foreseeable future, but no official response yet.

If TV Land has removed M*A*S*H, the question becomes whether the series is gone for good or just taking a rest.

M*A*S*H is still aired on Me-TV from 7-8PM Monday through Friday.

25 Replies to “M*A*S*H No Longer on TV Land?”

  1. I’ll tell you what’s going on: TV Land’s simply gone to hellena handbasket. Seriously, they don’t give a crap about any actual classic shows, and put more focus into their crappy original sitcoms like HOT IN CLEVELAND, RETIRED AT 35, THE EXES, HAPPILY DIVORCED, THE SOUL MAN, Kirstey Alley’s new show featuring Jason Alexander and Michael Richards, which NOBODY even likes! I’m not lying, people actually voiced their complaints to TV Land on Facebook a while back about these original shows of theirs, and TV Land’s response was, “Yeah, we know we don’t show classic TV anymore, but we’re making so much money off our original programming, so tough luck.”

    And just look at the other shows they recently added to their lineup: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, THE KING OF QUEENS, THAT ’70S SHOW… In fact, I think THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW is the ONLY classic show they still play now.

    I’ve boycotted TV Land a long time ago. They’ve alienated their viewers, and therefore, they don’t deserve any viewership. Some have predicted they’ll soon add THE BIG BANG THEORY to their lineup… if they do that, I am seriously going to blow their brains out, I HATE that show so much, and it’s already everywhere else (CBS, the CW, WB, TBS, etc.).

    I’m honestly surprised TV Land never added SEINFELD to their lineup when they started adding so many other 90s sitcoms like EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SON, and ROSEANNE.

    1. To say I’m more than disappointed is an understatement! How can you call this a classic tv network when the only truly classic show isThe Andy Griffith show. Just another example of corporate America showing how little they really care about weather people want to watch their network. With all the lame shows they already have on this network their answer is to remove the best show ( MASH ) on this network and replace it with another LAME show. If this is how they show appreciation to all the millions of people that watch this network then I say the people should show them how we feel about having them add another LAME show. If they don’t care weather or not the millions of people that want to watch MASH on a so called classic tv network can then I say it’s time to shut this network out. I say if they don’t care about us then why should I care about them. MASH was the only reason to watch this network so no MASH no network! Lock them out! So I say to all you MASH fans if you truly miss MASH and your truly disappointed and a few words I choose not to use then join the rest of us and change the channel or do as I’ve chosen to lock them out. Then sit back an watch the ratings on this network bottom out and when they do someone in corporate tv land will be asking how do we get our network out of the gutter? Or how did we let this happen? Or can we get the people to come back? Either way just maybe someone will learn with out the people watching none of it matters. So go ahead tv land stick your viewers with a hot poker and see what you get in return. People join me an all the others who feel the same way and LOCK THEM OUT OR TURN THEM OFF EITHER WAY IT HAS THE SAME RESULT!

  2. TVLand sucks!! I don’t know why they pulled it from the lineup. I, for one, was a faithful viewer and never missed the show when it aired. Wonder what the numbers are for The Andy Griffith Show?? I don’t know anyone who watches it and plus without M*A*S*H airing, TVLand has lost me entirely as a viewer.

    1. Just for the record Sue, I watch Andy Griffith… just not on TV Land, I don’t watch TV Land at all anymore.

      But yeah, Andy Griffith was probably my first-ever exposure to classic TV, but that’s mostly because I live in Tennessee, and down here in the south, Andy is an icon, so a lot of different local channels play his show a lot. I love it. Not to mention it had some of the same writers as M*A*S*H, such as Everett Greenbaum & Jim Fritzell (I think that’s partly why Season Four of M*A*S*H has such a simple, homey feel to it), and I think Gene Reynolds directed a few episodes as well.

  3. MASH is playing on the History channel here in Toronto. It’s on a continuous loop, in that they play all the episodes from season 1 to season 11, then start back at season 1 to season 11.

    The only problem is that they show the original episodes with parts cut out. I’ve got the DVD’s that have the FULL episodes.

  4. You can see two episodes every weeknight on MeTv – so look for it on your lineup – 7:00 and 7:30 – and they don’t cut them, at least not as much as TV Land – I have gotten to see tags and back stories I haven’t seen in years. It is a better place to watch M*A*S*H – so go on line and find out what channel is MeTv in your area.

  5. TV Land has been a shell of its former self for years now. I started watching the channel within the first year of it being on the air, and the sheer number of classic shows (not to mention the constant discovery of “new to me” series) was jaw-dropping. Up through the early-2000’s, it was always my “go to” channel. So, you can imagine my disappointment to watch it slowly erode into what it has become over the years (especially since the channel was truly instrumental in making me the TV/broadcasting fan that I am today). It was like a downhill slide you kept hoping would reverse but knew deep down that it wouldn’t. I have many recordings from the channel from 1996-2000, and comparing any of them to what we have nowadays is shocking. It’s like a completely different channel, which of course, it is.

    The minute they dropped the Retromercials for good (in 2006, IIRC, although they had become increasingly sparse in the few years prior), I knew the heart of the channel had been abandoned and it was only a matter of time before they ended up becoming, well, what they are now. Their broadcasts of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Andy Griffith and so on nowadays seem more like courtesy airings than anything (Gunsmoke, I believe, is the only series that has been there since the channel’s 1996 inception, though Bonanza might have been there, too. I could be wrong on that, though).

    M*A*S*H had been added to TV Land at the very tail-end of when it could still be considered a legitimate classic TV channel, though the writing was on the wall at that point. And, truth be told, they treated M*A*S*H waaaaay better than they did other shows the’ve added in more recent years. The channel seemed/seems to have a habit of obtaining a show, promoting the heck out of it for the first month or two, and then letting it fade away. Miami Vice, Star Trek, 3rd Rock, and so on all had high-exposure premieres and then were more or less kicked around and banished.

    So, I am thankful that they never did that to M*A*S*H. The show always had multiple daily airings in good timeslots (at least that I saw). True, it was heavily edited, but then, pretty much everything on TV Land is heavily edited. At least they never sped it up so that everyone sounded like chipmunks (seriously, check out any TV Land broadcast of That 70’s Show, a series I hate anyway, and you’ll see what I mean).

    So, I’m sad to see M*A*S*H leave TV Land, or any network for that matter (the more M*A*S*H, the better!), but I knew in all likelihood this was coming. Frankly, I’m surprised they kept it as long as they did; M*A*S*H is legitimate classic TV, and thus doesn’t really fit in with *most* of TV Land’s current lineup. I can only guess that us M*A*S*H fans kept the series there for as long as it was thanks to higher ratings.

    Today, MeTV has become, for me, what TV Land used to be: a constant stream of great classic TV. And, MeTV really does seem to care about what they show and the fans watching. It’s still edited for TV, but M*A*S*H is much, much better on MeTV than it was on TV Land; far more complete broadcasts that look like they’re taken straight from the DVDs (you can see the original opening of the pilot, the ending tag sequences that are often cut otherwise, and so on).

    Aside from the occasional episode of The King Of Queens (if I have nothing else to watch following Hallmark’s nightly 2-hour block of Frasier), I have no reason whatsoever to tune into TV Land now.

    1. TV Land has introduced me to the following:


      I remember back in the summer of 2003, they had “boxed sets”, where each afternoon was a mini-marathon dedicated to certain shows like Jeannie and Sanford. I also remember the TV Land Kitschen, where late-night weekend nights during the summer would showcase “retro rarities” and rather obscure shows that had cult followings. The 2004 Kitschen was my first exposure to Sid & Marty Krofft.

      The channel seemed/seems to have a habit of obtaining a show, promoting the heck out of it for the first month or two, and then letting it fade away. Miami Vice, Star Trek, 3rd Rock, and so on all had high-exposure premieres and then were more or less kicked around and banished.

      They did that with Dick Van Dyke too a couple of years ago.

  6. I never knew the old TV Land, just what you guys have said it has become. For one, I never even got the channel and only have watched it a couple of times. For those two times I’ve never seen them play MASH, only these cowboy TV show’s, it might have been a marathon, I don ‘t know. But for me, MeTV, is the place to come classic shows on TV. But, I don’t get that channel either! So I’m stuck in the middle of the railroad. lol

    1. The “old” TV Land of 1996-2000 or so was actually a lot like MeTV is now. All classic shows all the time, and they had “retromercials”, which were commercials from the 50’s/60’s/70’s (and a few 80’s spots, too) shown randomly during commercial breaks (Me TV did this too for awhile, although far more sparingly from what I saw). Many of the shows appeared on both, and some of them had very healthy runs on TV Land in the 90’s & early-2000’s. Plus it was all done with a quirky sense of humor. Old school TV Land really was a lot of fun.

      Some might say that the newer, post-1970’s programming was the death-knell, but stuff from the 80’s was a part of the network from the very beginning, particularly St. Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues (HSB hadn’t even been off the air 10 years when it first ran on TV Land), and that’s not including special one-offs of 80’s and even 90’s programming (aired for special occasions/retrospectives/etc.). I feel once TV Land started producing their own shows *on a regular basis* in the early/mid-2000’s, trouble was on the horizon, because that clearly and quickly became their priotiy. By 2007/2008, much of the heart of the original channel was pretty much nonexistant. Even when shows that fit into the original concept of the channel were acquired (Star Trek, Miami Vice, etc.), they were butchered for time, given prominent or semi-prominent timeslots for a month or two, and then more or less buried or dropped outright. Then again, TV Land did that to the really new, 1990’s-on=-up programming, too. Seriously, how many people remember Home Improvement, Just Shoot Me or Scrubs on the channel?

    1. LOL yes! They had a whole series of those ads, and they were always great! I remember they did one with a clip of the Petticoat Junction girts singing, and they dubbed a bad cover of some then-recent pop song (“If You Wanna Be My Lover” I’m pretty sure it was) over it. Ironic because the type of programming they made fun of then is the exact kind of thing they themselves make today! On a sidenote, I can’t believe Viacom has allowed that video to be up as long as it has; they tend to be positively fanatical about videos with their properties (I know from experience, back when I used to Youtube).

  7. Slightly off topic, but I am pissed that TBS just did something similar with SEINFELD: they took off SEINFELD and replaced it with even more of THE BIG BANG THEORY! Seriously, I am so sick of that shitfest show, and how TBS literally just obsesses over that show! I mean really, they’ve been playing it for like two-three years now, and yet they still act like it’s brand new to their network, the advertise and promote the crap out of it all the time, they always have mini-marathons for it, and now they replace one of the biggest hits in television history with even more of it!


  8. It is a shame that all the old sitcoms have been replaced by all the new ones that deal with sex and bad language. Kriste, Hot in Cleveland, Soul Man are terrible. TV Land use to be a family channel and kids was able to watch this and could learn family values. Kristi is nothing but a middle age actress that sleep around and the other characters smoke dope. Hot In Cleveland is about 3 middle women that is on a man hunt and one elder lady that lives in the past and talks about her sex escapades. For Soul Man God help us if we had preachers like that and our children watching this get the wrong impression. TV Land has scraped the bottom of the barrel. Bring back the good old sitcoms like, MASH,Sandford and Son, The Jefferson, . There is people out there that would like decent tv on at least one channel. BRING BACK MASH.

    1. i totally agree…. and add that walker texas ranger comes on now right when kids tune in after school. walker centers around drug busts in strip clubs and bars bars bars and drinking… why should kids be exposed to that at a kid hour. do they have to watch cartoons to stay pure? texas ranger shows prostitutes and rape and scantly clad women. how many times have i seen half naked women on that show? toooooo many. come on tv land show something that wont desensitize the public to all the immoralities. if you see drinking by your hero you will probably be drinking early … if you see stripers around your hero you will go to those places… come on save this show for a different hour…not 4pm when kids tune in cause the other channels sex and sex

  9. When the old stand- by Andy Griffith show was taken of that was the final blow. I will never watch TVLAND again unless they go back where they started!

  10. Please put back leave it to beaver and the Andy Griffin Show stop taking these show . I miss the old tvland like Petticoat Junction, and that girl put all the old sitcoms back.

  11. I used to watch MASH religiously every night and sometimes twice a night but for sometime I haven’t been able to find it anywhere except on cable. Bring back MASH!

  12. I don’t understand why when something works and you have a high rating why are you changing the programming taking Mash off the air is not good I am a fan of mash just like I’m a Trekkie for Star Trek I’m a baby boomer that enjoys the old programs but like everything else if they keep trying to take away soon there won’t be any baby boomers and it won’t be any problem right I used to enjoy watching MASH daily for the 2 hours it was on please put it back on.

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