WCBS-TV News at 6 – Day of Finale

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Here’s a segment from the Monday, February 28th, 1983 broadcast of WCBS-TV’s (New York City’s CBS affiliate) Channel 2 News at 6 discussing the upcoming series finale of M*A*S*H. The segment covers a variety of parties and celebrations being held the evening, including a party at Maude’s (a bar in Manhattan) and Alan Alda’s old dorm room at Fordham University. It also includes interviews with Loretta Swit’s parents in Passaic, New Jersey.

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  1. Now that’s cosplaying before cosplaying was invented. 😛 Only difference is, these guys don’t seem as genuinely mental as most cosplayers today seem… I’d probably have a great time at that frat party, lol.

    Thanks for sharing all of this great coverage with us RJ.

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